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Fantastic Beasts the LEGO Board Game

We’ve enjoyed Fantastic Beasts: Cases from the Wizarding World so much that it has inspired us to make our own board game version. Since LEGO worked so well for our last board game, we decided to use it as the base for this game. We modelled much of the game after the app, so there areContinue reading “Fantastic Beasts the LEGO Board Game”

DIY: Will Treaty’s Ranger’s Apprentice Costume

G1 has been planning for Book Week even though the dates haven’t been announced, yet. Given how much advanced notice I have, I figure I should get started early so I don’t have to do another rushed job. So who did he want to dress up as? Will Treaty from The Ranger’s Apprentice series by JohnContinue reading “DIY: Will Treaty’s Ranger’s Apprentice Costume”

DIY Dress-up: Harry Potter

It’s Book Week again and G1 wanted to be Harry Potter this time. That meant two costumes because G2 would surely tell me just before dress-up day that he wants to be Harry Potter, too. I started googling pictures and I noticed that Harry Potter’s Hogwarts robes from the first movie is different from theContinue reading “DIY Dress-up: Harry Potter”

Play Activities: The Hideout Construction Set

The boys have a habit of rearranging my furniture to create all manner of new-fangled “hideouts” in my living room. It is probably a carry over from their toddler days when I would hang up some blankets and we would pretend we were going camping. I don’t know if it is it just a kid thingContinue reading “Play Activities: The Hideout Construction Set”

Science Week Dress-Up – I’m a Water Molecule

It’s science week and G1 wants to dress up. I tried to convince him to dress up as a robot so we could recycle our robot head but he was having none of that. Instead, he wanted to be… A Water Molecule So here we are: At least it was easy to make… The Oxygen AtomContinue reading “Science Week Dress-Up – I’m a Water Molecule”

Dress Up: Luke Skywalker Costume

This is probably one of our simplest costumes to date. G1 was invited to a Star Wars dress up party and his character of choice was Luke Skywalker. So here’s our interpretation of a Luke Skywalker costume… Luke Skywalker Costume There are a variety of outfits for Luke Skywalker we could have gone for, dependingContinue reading “Dress Up: Luke Skywalker Costume”

Simple Physics: Constructing a Play House from Cereal and Toy Boxes

This activity was inspired by the article from PsyBlog – Free Play: Simple Items More Fun For Children. Movable/recycled materials are suggested to stimulate creativity and diversity to children’s play and provide active play experiences by facilitating pushing, pulling and lifting and the construction of structures (e.g. cubby houses, rockets, ships) whilst engaging in social interactionContinue reading “Simple Physics: Constructing a Play House from Cereal and Toy Boxes”

DIY Fireplace for Christmas

Ever since I was a child, I’ve always had this image in my mind when I think of Christmas decorations in a house – a Christmas tree with twinkling lights beside a roaring fireplace with Christmas stockings hanging from the mantelpiece. Don’t ask me why… Blame all those American Christmas shows I watched growing up!Continue reading “DIY Fireplace for Christmas”

DIY: Seth Mask for the Egyptian God of Chaos

For G1’s school play, I had to help make a Seth mask for the Egyptian God of Chaos… DH: Who’s Seth? Me: The Egyptian God of Chaos. G1: That sounds like G2. There are so many representations of Seth online that it was hard to decide which look to go for. In the end, ourContinue reading “DIY: Seth Mask for the Egyptian God of Chaos”