Children’s Technology Usage – Too Much or Too Little?

In the years since I have become a parent, I have found that the safest path to walk is always the one in the middle. Moderation is the key to everything for there is nothing either good or bad so long as you don’t veer too far off into the extremes. Likewise, with the caseContinue reading “Children’s Technology Usage – Too Much or Too Little?”

Parental Guidance Recommended – Keeping Pace with Digital Media

“Television and other entertainment media should be avoided for infants and children under age 2. Children and teens should engage with entertainment media for no more than one or two hours per day, and that should be high-quality content.” – American Academy of Pediatrics The question is, what is high-quality content? With the growing numberContinue reading “Parental Guidance Recommended – Keeping Pace with Digital Media”

Finding the Sweet Spot of Technology in Education

Continuing on from our previous discussion on screen time… if eyesight isn’t the problem with screen time then what is? What do we need to be aware of and how do we navigate the technology labyrinth? Quality vs Quantity “…the more important concern surrounding the screen-time debate isn’t the time; it’s the quality of the content.” GwennContinue reading “Finding the Sweet Spot of Technology in Education”

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