Diaper-Free Part 3 – Practicing Going Diaper-Free

In my previous post, I looked at how parents can learn their baby’s elimination cues.  In this post we’ll look at some of the more practical aspects of going diaper-free. The Benefits of Going Diaper Free There are many benefits associated with practicing diaper-free: saves the environment – less disposable diapers, less washing of reusableContinue reading “Diaper-Free Part 3 – Practicing Going Diaper-Free”

Diaper-Free Part 2 – Learning Your Baby's Elimination Cues

Continuing on from my earlier post on the Diaper-Free Movement, this post examines how parents can learn to read their baby’s elimination cues and practice the art of going diaper-free. How Do You Learn a Baby’s Elimination Cues? There are essentially four ways you can do this, although a combination approach is usually the wayContinue reading “Diaper-Free Part 2 – Learning Your Baby's Elimination Cues”

What is the Diaper-Free Movement?

In some of my earlier posts, I wrote about the diaper-free movement – something I heard about early on in my parenting days with Gavin.  Although I did attempt to do this with Gavin, I confess that I wasn’t particularly active with it.  We had some successes and lots of regressions, and eventually ended upContinue reading “What is the Diaper-Free Movement?”

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