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Attachment Parenting – Just How Responsive Do You Have to Be?

“If baby cries, pick him up.” That’s the parenting philosophy I’ve been following ever since I had Gavin.  I don’t subscribe to the belief that babies need to “cry-it-out” to “strengthen their lungs”.  If that last sounds unbelievable to you then we’re on the same page. With Gavin, it was generally pretty easy to observeContinue reading “Attachment Parenting – Just How Responsive Do You Have to Be?”

What's Bothering my Toddler?

A few nights ago, Gavin’s behaviour took a huge turn for the worst.  He woke up in the middle of the night crying hysterically and it was not from a night terror.  He was impossible to placate and every little molehill was a mountain.  I couldn’t understand how my sweet and gentle little boy couldContinue reading “What's Bothering my Toddler?”

The Secret Language of Babies

After being reinspired by those Signing Time home videos sent in by mothers who taught their babies to sign, I decided to dig out the Sign Language book I bought some time back.  I was reading the chapter on “Birth to Three Months”, which I skipped the last time because Gavin was already four monthsContinue reading “The Secret Language of Babies”