The Master Builder has Arrived

During the Christmas holidays, I was trying to get the boys back into the mood for creative LEGO play so I decided to inspire them with my own creation (MOC). I took the LEGO Mountain Hut… …and modified it by constructing a mountain behind it… …with a secret hideout: I was hoping to inspire G1 to workContinue reading “The Master Builder has Arrived”

Creative Play with Lego

Aristotle loves Lego. He started with Thomas Duplo which he would work on with Daddy. After that, Daddy decided to give him a bigger challenge and bought him a small Lego City kit. Aside from the manual dexterity problems (Lego is much harder to put together compared to Duplo), Daddy found that he could follow the instructions onContinue reading “Creative Play with Lego”

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