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Announcement: BrillKids Little Reader Deluxe Winner!

Congratulations to Jessica, the winner of the BrillKids Little Reader Deluxe coupon! We used the Random Student Selector to pick the winning name because the one available at ClassTools requires a plugin that is not available on this computer (I’ve had to borrow a computer because my desktop has suffered the BSOD). Little Reader isContinue reading “Announcement: BrillKids Little Reader Deluxe Winner!”

Announcement: Right Brain Resources Winner!

Congratulations to willie, winner of the Right Brain Kids coupon, and to whyelse, winner of the Mercury Learning coupon. Right Brain Kids are the creators of the TweedleWink and Wink right brain programs. They are currently operating three right brain schools in Klang Valley, Malaysia. They sell a range of right brain resources and offerContinue reading “Announcement: Right Brain Resources Winner!”

Announcement: BrillKids Little Math Winner!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the BrillKids Little Math coupon giveaway. I am pleased to announce the winner is Abby. Congratulations Abby! Hopefully this will help you save time preparing the materials when you teach your daughter Math. The winners for our lucky draws are drawn using Class Tools – Random Name Selector. ForContinue reading “Announcement: BrillKids Little Math Winner!”