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The Accelerated Reader Programme

It’s been a while since I read that article in Education by Numbers that stated: mindlessly reading book after book does not benefit children very much it is comprehension that is the key to learning gains In fact, a voracious reader who understands less than 65% of the content in the books he reads is no betterContinue reading “The Accelerated Reader Programme”

Reading Questions – What to Ask Your Children When You Read Together

We know it’s important to generate rich discussions during reading time with the children. It helps them to gain a deeper understanding of the book and to develop their critical thinking skills. If you’re anything like me, you probably struggle to think up questions to ask. The following questions were on an handy cheat-sheet thatContinue reading “Reading Questions – What to Ask Your Children When You Read Together”

Resources for Developing Reading Comprehension

It is important to help children develop critical thinking skills to help them navigate the oceans of misinformation surrounding them. The first step to critical thinking is being able to make sense of what we’re reading. In other words, reading comprehension. “A child who read 30 minutes a day but answered fewer than 65 percent of theContinue reading “Resources for Developing Reading Comprehension”

Geronimo Stilton Helps Out with Children’s Reading Comprehension

Doman has always said that when it comes to early learning, never to test your child because it is the fastest way to put him off learning. After observing that what Doman said was true, I steered clear of testing for fear of putting my boys off learning. Unfortunately, that also meant I never really knewContinue reading “Geronimo Stilton Helps Out with Children’s Reading Comprehension”

Apps: My Story World – Interactive Educational Read Along Stories

My Story World by Mindshapes is the latest of our collection of read-along storybook apps to be discovered and this one’s a keeper. Loads of stories! My Story World contains over 70 interactive stories with more being added to the collection each week! These are some of the stories in their collection that your child is sureContinue reading “Apps: My Story World – Interactive Educational Read Along Stories”

Reading: Speed Reader-X – Read Faster, Increase Comprehension

Learn how to read faster and remember more with Speed Reader-X. httpv:// Speed Reader-X Online includes everything you need to learn speed reading: Ten expert designed lessons averaging 10 minutes each Graphic test results show you how you are progressing On demand tests allow you to try out your ability anytime you choose Your ownContinue reading “Reading: Speed Reader-X – Read Faster, Increase Comprehension”

Early Literacy: Expanding Your Child’s Reading Vocabulary

According to the LadyBird Peter and Jane keyword series if your child can read the following hundred keywords, he can read 50% of all the words we read and write everyday: a and he I in is it of that the to was all are as at be but for had have him his notContinue reading “Early Literacy: Expanding Your Child’s Reading Vocabulary”