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Wink to Learn: Chinese

I am monolingual.  I never learned to speak any other languages other than English. Well, I did have a few years of French in school but that never got very far.  My father speaks Hokkien and my mother speaks Hakka but I never learned either of those dialects either.  We migrated to Australia when IContinue reading “Wink to Learn: Chinese”

Discipline Tactics for Toddlers – The Teaching Conversation

Since my earlier difficulties in getting Gavin to apologise, I think I’ve discovered a tactic that works pretty well.  I read about it from “Raising a Happy Child” by Steve and Shaaron Biddulph.  It is called the “teaching conversation”.  It is intended for toddlers in possession of some amount of language skills because they areContinue reading “Discipline Tactics for Toddlers – The Teaching Conversation”

The Secret Language of Babies

After being reinspired by those Signing Time home videos sent in by mothers who taught their babies to sign, I decided to dig out the Sign Language book I bought some time back.  I was reading the chapter on “Birth to Three Months”, which I skipped the last time because Gavin was already four monthsContinue reading “The Secret Language of Babies”