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Apps: See Me Talk

See Me Talk is an app designed for people who have difficulty communicating effectively. It is based on a picture exchange system developed for people with speech delays to communicate their needs independently and effectively. It was developed by a Special Education Teacher with over 12 years experience, in consultation with Speech Pathologists and parents of childrenContinue reading “Apps: See Me Talk”

Language Acquisition – the Significance of a Live Teacher

I’ve been pondering over Patricia Kuhl’s findings on how babies learn language and a couple of thoughts have come to mind that I wanted to throw out there. I don’t have any answers, just questions – or perhaps it’s just food for thought. Why I think it is important is because the answers will affectContinue reading “Language Acquisition – the Significance of a Live Teacher”

20% Off Signing Time DVDs – Today and Tomorrow Only!

20% off all Signing Time DVDs (*excludes all product bundles and sets) – but you’d better hurry! It’s only for two days – 26th and 27th January, 2011. Just key in the promo code at the check out to get 20% off all single DVDs in your shopping cart. Promo Code: friends. Why should youContinue reading “20% Off Signing Time DVDs – Today and Tomorrow Only!”

More Reasons to Teach Your Child Sign Language

There are many benefits to be derived when you teach your children Sign Language.  The main reason I first started teaching Gavin to sign was to help reduce tantrums.  Aside from reducing tantrums, it has been found that babies who learn to sign usually also learn to speak earlier. Sign Language and Cognitive Ability ItContinue reading “More Reasons to Teach Your Child Sign Language”

Bright from the Start: C is for Communication

More notes from Bright from the Start.  In our earlier posts, we talked about attention and bonding.  Here are some things you can do to help develop communication… 0-6 Months: Use parentese (the sing-song voice most adults instinctively use with babies) – it helps to stimulate your baby’s language processing areas of the brain andContinue reading “Bright from the Start: C is for Communication”

Nurture Shock: Chapter 10 – Why Hannah Talks and Alyssa Doesn’t

These are my interpretations of the book, Nurture Shock.  I highly recommend reading the book if you want it straight from the horse’s mouth… In this chapter of Bronson and Merryman’s landmark book, Nurture Shock, Bronson and Merryman bring down the entire “baby education” industry with the conclusion that baby DVDs have no effect onContinue reading “Nurture Shock: Chapter 10 – Why Hannah Talks and Alyssa Doesn’t”

How to Teach a Child a Language You Cannot Speak

When hubby and I first discussed schooling for Gavin, we wanted to send him to a Chinese school.  This was primarily because we wanted him to learn how to read and write Chinese – something neither of us can do.  Well, hubby can read some words (mostly food-oriented) and I can’t even understand it beingContinue reading “How to Teach a Child a Language You Cannot Speak”

The Secret Language of Babies in Practice – Part 2

Despite listening to the “sounds” made by babies from The Secret Language of Babies, I’m afraid that I am no closer to understanding Gareth.  We’re still operating on the elimination process for identifying his needs.  To be quite honest, I’m not entirely sure if Gareth is even attempting to communicate with me using the SecretContinue reading “The Secret Language of Babies in Practice – Part 2”

The Secret Language of Babies in Practice

When I was reading up about teaching Sign Language to babies, I came across the theory of “The Secret Language of Babies” that is supposed to help every parent decode their baby’s needs before the crying even begins.  Since this code is only applicable in the first three months of life, I was never ableContinue reading “The Secret Language of Babies in Practice”

The Power of Words in a Toddler's World

Although parents are aware that there are certain things that should not be spoken before a toddler, there are times when we are caught off guard.  Certain words may seem harmless until you hear your child using them in a context you don’t really approve of.  Other times, copied phrases can be misconstrued to haveContinue reading “The Power of Words in a Toddler's World”