Co-Sleeping Arrangements with a Toddler and a Baby

Hubby and I had never intended to co-sleep with our children.  At the beginning, when we had Gavin, we both tried very hard to get Gavin to sleep in his own bed.  Suffice to say that our efforts were unsuccessful and he ended up in our bed.  Co-sleeping for us was something that began outContinue reading “Co-Sleeping Arrangements with a Toddler and a Baby”

Bonding with Baby – How Co-Sleeping Helps

I had a lot of issues with this idea at the start mainly because hubby and I are rather violent sleepers.  We swing wildly in our sleep and have been known to punch, slap and kick each other on occasion.  I feared that if our son slept in the same bed, he might end upContinue reading “Bonding with Baby – How Co-Sleeping Helps”

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