LEGO Malaysia Brings the “Gift of Play”

If you’re looking for some fun for the family this Lunar New Year, look no further… (also because we love LEGO because it helps children develop many skills) From 5 January to 2 February, LEGO Malaysia will be ushering the Lunar New Year with the “Gift of Play” at: Mid Valley Megamall in Kuala Lumpur;Continue reading “LEGO Malaysia Brings the “Gift of Play””

DIY Video Project: The Story of the Hokkien New Year

For Chinese New Year this year, I wanted the kids to learn more about their Hokkien heritage. One of the stories I shared with them was about the Hokkien New Year.¬†Unlike the Story of the Chinese Zodiac and the Legend of Nian, there aren’t any youtube videos about why the Hokkiens celebrate Bai Ti KongContinue reading “DIY Video Project: The Story of the Hokkien New Year”

2017 Chinese New Year Fun for Kids

Chinese New Year is around the corner again and it’s time to celebrate with fun and games and food! Here are some of the activities we planned for the kids this year. Chinese New Year Stories In past years, the kids learn about the story of Nian and the Race of the Chinese Zodiac atContinue reading “2017 Chinese New Year Fun for Kids”

Chinese New Year Activities for Kids

The following activities are a great way to introduce children to the Chinese New Year. These were some activities we did in school. Zodiac Animal Hunt In this activity, pictures of all the zodiac animals were hidden around the playground and the children had to search for them. Order of the Zodiac The order ofContinue reading “Chinese New Year Activities for Kids”

Chinese New Year 2013 – Year of the Snake

One aspect I have always believed that the boys need to be immersed in is culture – especially their own culture. With each new generation, more and more of the “old ways” are being forgotten as we dispense with archaic practices in¬†favour of modernism. In all honesty, I am not a stickler for old practicesContinue reading “Chinese New Year 2013 – Year of the Snake”

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