Making Math Relevant to Our Children

Aristotle has never really liked Math. Getting him to practice his arithmetic is like pulling teeth out without anaesthetic. Perhaps it is because of this that I have always assumed he was weak at Math and being the daughter of a Math teacher, this bothered me greatly. For a long time, I have searched forContinue reading “Making Math Relevant to Our Children”

How to Introduce New Books to Your Child

When I was in school, our librarian used to bring our attention to a series of books by spending some time to introduce them to us. These were usually good books that were neglected because we did not give them a chance to enter our lives. She would then read one of the books fromContinue reading “How to Introduce New Books to Your Child”

Arlo the Elephant Introduces Life’s New Experiences to Young Children

Life’s full of new experiences when you’re a child – a visit to the dentist, a flight on an airplane, these are all new experiences that can seem strange and scary to a child. It makes it easier if parents can help prepare their children for what’s coming and sometimes it’s helpful to have simpleContinue reading “Arlo the Elephant Introduces Life’s New Experiences to Young Children”

Children’s Books by Graeme Base

When I was a child, I really loved two books by Australia Author and Illustrator Graeme Base: Animalia Animalia is picture book which devotes a page to each letter of the alphabet where you will find beautiful illustrations with “things” beginning with the letter featured (except for the page featuring the letter X). There isContinue reading “Children’s Books by Graeme Base”

Sights and Sounds on the Sunshine Coast

Ever since Aristotle was little, I have always believed that the best way for children to learn is through first hand experience. Young children are always taking in all the new sights and sounds from the environment around them so I wanted my boys to experience as many fun and interesting new sights as possible.Continue reading “Sights and Sounds on the Sunshine Coast”

Health and Medical: Why is My Child Getting Sick so Often?

Aristotle is sick… again. Last week it was Hercules. Two weeks before that Hercules. And before him Aristotle. It seems like a never-ending cycle of illnesses. We’ve collected so much medication from the doctor’s office that our refrigerator is about to explode. It probably doesn’t help that the air pollution is up again. Despite allContinue reading “Health and Medical: Why is My Child Getting Sick so Often?”

Parenting: Raising the Scientific Child

Do you have a child that smashes and breaks everything? Does you child do things even when you’ve warned him that it could be dangerous? Does he boldly go where others fear to tread? Are you at your wit’s end?¬†Perhaps you’re ready to tear all your hair out in frustration – maybe you’re already baldingContinue reading “Parenting: Raising the Scientific Child”

Parenting: Light at the End of the Tunnel for Picky Eaters

To the parents of fussy eaters, I just wanted to say that there is light at the end of the tunnel. When Aristotle started eating solids, we had a rough time feeding him. He didn’t like a lot of food and there was a lot of stress over his lack of enthusiasm for food. AsContinue reading “Parenting: Light at the End of the Tunnel for Picky Eaters”

Resources: Teach Your Baby to Swim

I thought it was about time we updated this one since there are a lot more resources out there now… I have written about teaching babies to swim and you can find those articles here: How to Teach Your Baby to Swim Teach Your Baby to Swim – Part 1 Teach Your Baby to SwimContinue reading “Resources: Teach Your Baby to Swim”

Finding Your Child’s Element

Ever since Aristotle was little, he has had a very good concentration span. He could sit down to an activity and stay with it for a significant amount of time. Hercules, on the other hand, looked like a child with ADD in comparison. He would bounce from activity to activity, never staying long enough toContinue reading “Finding Your Child’s Element”

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