The Art of Learning – Birth of a Chessmaster…

…okay, maybe not. When G1 was younger and interested in learning chess, I bought The Art of Learning: Chessmaster – Grandmaster Edition. Back then, the dream was to groom the next Magnus Carlsen and what better way to start than to let G1 get acquainted with International Chessmaster Josh Waitzkin who offers a one-on-one crash course in chessContinue reading “The Art of Learning – Birth of a Chessmaster…”

Brain Training: How Playing Chess Develops the Brain

Chess is stereotypically viewed as the “geek’s” favourite passtime, but with all the benefits that it offers, it’s hard not to wonder why it isn’t a mainstream passtime. We have written about the academic benefits of playing chess previously, but here are 10 major brain benefits of playing chess: It can raise your IQ It helps preventContinue reading “Brain Training: How Playing Chess Develops the Brain”

Extra-Curricular Activities: Chess

Despite my best efforts to insist that Aristotle continue with Monster Tennis and Art as part of his character development in persistence, he has taken a sabbatical. Okay, who am I kidding? I call it a sabbatical to give myself the illusion that all is not over but lets just face it, Aristole won thisContinue reading “Extra-Curricular Activities: Chess”

Does Playing Chess Enhance Academic Performance?

Since Aristotle was little, I have wanted to teach him how to play chess. I figured I would start when he was old enough to absorb the rules of the game. I never thought much about it beyond that. Recently, I read a couple of articles suggested the benefits of encouraging children to play chessContinue reading “Does Playing Chess Enhance Academic Performance?”

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