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Happy Reading – Our Book Recommendations

Read the best books first, or you may not have a chance to read them at all. – Henry David Thoreau My two boys love¬†their books. But there are some books that they love more than others. So we share them here… If your children have not read them yet, we hope they¬†enjoy them asContinue reading “Happy Reading – Our Book Recommendations”

Reading Apps: Vocabulary Expansion and Chapter Books

Hercules’ reading vocab has been developing pretty well. He has gotten to the point we were at with Aristotle some time back where he is ready for more challenging books but has yet to transition to chapter books with more words and less pictures. I’ve learned to relax a lot more with Hercules so IContinue reading “Reading Apps: Vocabulary Expansion and Chapter Books”

Children’s Books: Geronimo Stilton

I was introduced to this series a couple of years back when I was looking for books for G1. I confess that I spurned the series because I felt it a literary inferior to my son’s reading capabilities. How would I know that in a couple of years I would be buying this series forContinue reading “Children’s Books: Geronimo Stilton”