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Kickstarting 2017 with the Read Aloud Revival Challenge

It’s the start of a new year and we’ve decided to kick it off by joining the Read Aloud Revival Challenge. What is the Read Aloud Revival Challenge? The Read Aloud Revival Challenge was a concept developed by Sarah MacKenzie. The challenge encourages children to read aloud every day (or as often as possible) forContinue reading “Kickstarting 2017 with the Read Aloud Revival Challenge”

Life Skills: Take on Challenges

There is one area of weakness that Aristotle has constantly demonstrated to me that I have been concerned about. Whenever I present him with a challenge, he often declines to pick up the gauntlet. I have been concerned that his fear of failure is crippling his willingness to give things a go and it’s havingContinue reading “Life Skills: Take on Challenges”