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Brain Training Apps for Building a Better Brain

Brain training for the brain is what exercise is to the body so if you want to build a better brain, you need brain exercises to strengthen your brain. To make it easier to keep up with your brain exercises, these brain training apps will make your workout on the go super convenient… Elevate –Continue reading “Brain Training Apps for Building a Better Brain”

Brain Training Apps for the iPad/iPhone

Ever since I was little, I have always enjoyed playing brain games like the ones following. Not only are brain exercises fun to do (or so I think), they are also great for developing the brain. Here are some terrific brain training apps for the iPad and iPhone. Some of them are probably more appropriateContinue reading “Brain Training Apps for the iPad/iPhone”

Product: Grolier Smart Brain Training CD ROMs

Since Gavin is about to complete the Logico Piccolo set, I decided to see what else was new at Grolier and discovered that they had a new product – Smart Brain Training. It is developed by Educ@migos and distributed in Malaysia by Grolier. They have two products – Smart Brain Pro and Smart Brain Games.Continue reading “Product: Grolier Smart Brain Training CD ROMs”