6 Ways to Train Your Brain

1. Reading aloud In Ryuta Kawashima’s research, reading aloud was one of the activities that engaged the more regions of the brain compared to other activities. Ryuta Kawashima is a prominent neuroscientist in Japan whose work involves mapping the regions of the brain involved in emotion, language, memorisation, and cognition. The primary purpose of hisContinue reading “6 Ways to Train Your Brain”

Apps: Simple Physics

Educational apps are a dime a dozen. Cleverly designed educational apps that feel more like fun than learning are not so easy to come by. Simple Physics is one of those apps that belong in this rare latter category… About Simple Physics – Jundroo Simple Physics is a fun app that tasks you to play theContinue reading “Apps: Simple Physics”

Kids’ Apps for Androids – Interactive Stories, Education and Brain Training

For the Android users looking for good children’s apps, here are some cross-overs from iTunes that we have used and loved… Story Apps Story Toys makes wonderful “read along pop-up” storybook apps with built-in games and puzzles. Farm 123 Grimm’s Snow White Grimm’s Rapunzel Grimm’s Red Riding Hood Chuggington Chug Patrol Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty Grimm’s HanselContinue reading “Kids’ Apps for Androids – Interactive Stories, Education and Brain Training”

Apps: Fit Brains for Kids – Sparky’s Adventures

The brain is like your body. If you want to keep it fit, you need to exercise it. Exercising your brain is not only important when you’re older. You can start inculcating a healthy habit from young. Programs like Lumosity are great for adults, but I was a little disappointed that they didn’t have aContinue reading “Apps: Fit Brains for Kids – Sparky’s Adventures”

Playing Mahjong is Good Exercise for Your Brain

My grandfather lived until he was 100 years old. For a large part of his life, he was physically and mentally pretty fit for a man his age. I used to think that long life and good health ran in his family. I had assumed it was “in the genes” until I learned that he hadContinue reading “Playing Mahjong is Good Exercise for Your Brain”

Apps: Brain Jump and Ned the Neuron

Carol Dweck’s famous research on growth mindsets has revolutionised the way we praise children. By teaching children about growth mindsets, they learn the powerful idea that taking on challenges can grow and strengthen their brains, and that they have the power to make their brains stronger every day. Here are two apps that help children do just that… BrainContinue reading “Apps: Brain Jump and Ned the Neuron”

Brain Exercise – Keeping the Brain Fit and Healthy

In this technology age, there is a lot of controversy over our children’s exposure and use of smart devices. Some people fear it, others embrace it, while some advise moderation. If you’ve read my previous posts on it, you will know that I love technology. I’m a Trekker and fan of geeky things – somethingContinue reading “Brain Exercise – Keeping the Brain Fit and Healthy”

How to Train Your Brain to Think Faster

After our recent experience with the coin, I have been thinking about a new skill that would be great to have – the ability to think quickly on your feet. Actually, to be honest, the real inspiration for this has existed for far longer but it was the recent event that finally prompted me toContinue reading “How to Train Your Brain to Think Faster”

Brain Training: Dual N Back Training Improves Fluid Intelligence

I was reading the about the research by Lumosity recently and noticed a peer-reviewed study on “Improving fluid intelligence with training on working memory” which showed that “cognitive training with a task called Dual N-Back enhanced fluid intelligence”. What is fluid intelligence? Fluid intelligence refers to the ability to reason and to solve new problems independentlyContinue reading “Brain Training: Dual N Back Training Improves Fluid Intelligence”

Apps: More Brain Training Games – Pit Droids

Ever since he discovered Star Wars through the Angry Birds Star Wars app, Aristotle has gone nuts over all things Star Wars related. He even made his own Darth Maul light saber and there has been a distinct shift in focus of his random scribbling towards scenes from Star Wars. While looking for new apps on the iPad oneContinue reading “Apps: More Brain Training Games – Pit Droids”

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