Thinking Games to Challenge the Mind

Why we should encourage children to play games that challenge the mind: Critical Thinking is vital in the age of the Internet Critical Thinking is one of the 7 essential life skills that every child needs Bright children don’t necessarily develop good thinking skills – it must be taught Logic and Reasoning is one of five important things thatContinue reading “Thinking Games to Challenge the Mind”

Who’s the Master Code Breaker?

For Christmas, G1 received a board game called Code Breaking. It was a bit of a blast from the past because I used to play this when I was a child, except I knew the game as “Mastermind“. Code Breaking is a fun and educational way to help the boys develop: logic and reasoning skills visual perception and spatialContinue reading “Who’s the Master Code Breaker?”

Playing Mahjong is Good Exercise for Your Brain

My grandfather lived until he was 100 years old. For a large part of his life, he was physically and mentally pretty fit for a man his age. I used to think that long life and good health ran in his family. I had assumed it was “in the genes” until I learned that he hadContinue reading “Playing Mahjong is Good Exercise for Your Brain”

Apps: More Brain Training Games – Pit Droids

Ever since he discovered Star Wars through the Angry Birds Star Wars app, Aristotle has gone nuts over all things Star Wars related. He even made his own Darth Maul light saber and there has been a distinct shift in focus of his random scribbling towards scenes from Star Wars. While looking for new apps on the iPad oneContinue reading “Apps: More Brain Training Games – Pit Droids”

Apps: Brain Games by Think Fun

If you liked the brain games by Think Fun and Smart Games, you’ll be delighted to know that Think Fun now has Apps for the iPhone/iPad/iPod: Solitaire Chess (iPhone, iPad) Rush Hour (iPhone, iPad) Chocolate Fix (iPhone, iPad) Solitaire Chess HOW TO PLAY: Each challenge begins with a selection of chess pieces on a 4×4Continue reading “Apps: Brain Games by Think Fun”

Brain games: free games for brain training – Cognitive Enhancement with your “natural Nootropic”

Access free Kindle games for brain training. Train your brain, and keep it fit with “Brain games: free games for brain training – Cognitive Enhancement with your natural Nootropic”. “Brain games: freegames for brain training – Cognitive Enhancement with your “natural Nootropic”” is a guide to the advantages of brain training, and to free brainContinue reading “Brain games: free games for brain training – Cognitive Enhancement with your “natural Nootropic””

The Little Black Book of Brain Games (Brain Teasers)

What provides hours of entertainment, yet makes time stand still? The Little Black Book of Brain Games, of course! Packed with puzzles, posers, and problems that will entertain your brain while fostering mental acuity, this book will challenge your skills with words, math, and logic. Are you game? It’s the perfect book for any puzzleContinue reading “The Little Black Book of Brain Games (Brain Teasers)”

Brain Training Games by Smart Games

Brain training games are great and we’ve found a lot for the iPad and iPhone. But what about brain training the good old fashion way using physical puzzles? Here’s a great range of brain games from Smart Games: Camelot Jr. Build a road with blocks so the knight and princess can be joined together 48Continue reading “Brain Training Games by Smart Games”

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