Boys Shalt Not Weareth Pink

…or do ballet, apparently. Clearly, I missed that memo. Two years ago, when G1 wanted to do jewellery making as an co-curricular activity, I remember feeling apprehensive. Back then, my concern was not that he had chosen an activity more often associated with girls, but that he might be made fun of. It turned outContinue reading “Boys Shalt Not Weareth Pink”

Daddy’s Boys – Go-Karting @ City Karting in Shah Alam

“For both sons and daughters, a dad’s affection is vital. Affection is reassuring; it conveys love in a way that words cannot.” – Steve Biddulph In Raising Boys, Steve Biddulph highlighted the three stages of boyhood: Birth to 6 – the span of time when the boy primarily belongs to his mother. He is “her” boy,Continue reading “Daddy’s Boys – Go-Karting @ City Karting in Shah Alam”

Parenting: Raising Emotionally Strong Boys

I’ve always had a problem with the idea of “boys don’t cry“. There is this misconception that if we allow them to cry and express their feelings, they’ll be “sissies”. But there is a danger with this approach to handling boys. In fact, there is more and more evidence supporting the fact that rather thanContinue reading “Parenting: Raising Emotionally Strong Boys”

Books for Parents: Raising Boys – Steve Biddulph

If you have been struggling to figure your son out and are looking for a parenting book on boys, this is it.   I have a super-sensitive boy and I have been struggling for a long time to figure out how to deal with him. In a world that still largely believes that boys don’tContinue reading “Books for Parents: Raising Boys – Steve Biddulph”

Is My Son Going to be a Pansy?

When Gavin was little, he liked wearing hairbands and he was attracted by the colour pink.  He loved playing with cooking toys and pretending to cook.  These days, he likes watching Chloe’s Closet… httpv:// and reading Dora the Explorer books. Should I be worried that my son likes “girls’ stuff”?  According to Baby Center, thisContinue reading “Is My Son Going to be a Pansy?”

Toilet Training for a Boy

Ever since Gavin was little I have been attempting to toilet train him on and off.  Although most Potty Training books will tell you it’s useless trying to train a child that isn’t ready for it, I came across another school of thought called natural infant hygiene (also called elimination communication or infant potty training)Continue reading “Toilet Training for a Boy”

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