Nurture Shock: Chapter 9 – Plays Well with Others (Part 2)

Part 1 – The effect of educational TV shows on social development and the relationship between popularity and aggression. One of the problems regarding social skills’ development in children is the fact that children today are spending far too much time with other children their age.  In the past, children would mix with other childrenContinue reading “Nurture Shock: Chapter 9 – Plays Well with Others (Part 2)”

Nurture Shock: Chapter 9 – Plays Well with Others (Part 1)

“Why modern involved parenting has failed to produce a generation of angels” What makes a child more aggressive and what can we do to help them learn to get along with other children?  It has always been the belief that children who watch violent shows (e.g. Star Wars, Power Rangers) are likely to be moreContinue reading “Nurture Shock: Chapter 9 – Plays Well with Others (Part 1)”

Nurture Shock: Chapter 10 – Why Hannah Talks and Alyssa Doesn’t

These are my interpretations of the book, Nurture Shock.  I highly recommend reading the book if you want it straight from the horse’s mouth… In this chapter of Bronson and Merryman’s landmark book, Nurture Shock, Bronson and Merryman bring down the entire “baby education” industry with the conclusion that baby DVDs have no effect onContinue reading “Nurture Shock: Chapter 10 – Why Hannah Talks and Alyssa Doesn’t”

Learning to Read with Reader Pens

Reading pens seem to be all the rage for teaching young kids how to read these days.  The first of its kind to catch my eye was the Croco Pen, available in “Choo Choo Train”, MPH Bookstore and Times Bookstore.  Next up was the Leapfrog Tag Reader which I saw in Mothercare.  Then I spiedContinue reading “Learning to Read with Reader Pens”

Review: My First Activity Book

Invariably, when you are the second child, there are often a lot of hand-me-downs and very few new things.  When you’re the second child that happens to be the same sex as the first child, it’s even worse.  Such was the case for Gareth.  Although we’ve bought him some new clothes to replace some ofContinue reading “Review: My First Activity Book”

Educational Books: Usborne Internet-Linked Books

After getting Gavin the “100 Words I Love Reading Book and CD ROM Pack, I was quite keen to look for the 350 words and 800 words packs.  I went back to Kinokuniya too look for them and was disappointed to find they didn’t have them in stock.  What I did discover, though, was aContinue reading “Educational Books: Usborne Internet-Linked Books”

Child Development and How it Relates to Discipline

Being a parent is like going back to school to take on an additional course after you’ve graduated – sort of like doing your MBA while you’re working.  On my bedside table, I’ve got the following books going concurrently: The No-Cry Discipline Solution – Elizabeth Pantley Tools of the Mind: The Vygotskian Approach to EarlyContinue reading “Child Development and How it Relates to Discipline”

Book Review: Fun Start – An Activity a Week

I bought the book “Fun Start” by June Oberlander some time after Gavin was born.  I’ve never been good with babies – or kids, for that matter – and I never know what to do with them.  I bought Fun Start so I could get some ideas for Mummy and baby activities I could doContinue reading “Book Review: Fun Start – An Activity a Week”

Nurture Shock: Chapter 4 – Why Kids Lie

Well, we all know that kids lie.  When they are toddlers, the belief is that they don’t know the difference between the truth and a lie because of an overactive imagination.  As a parent, it is usually easy to spot these early lies because of inconsistencies and the child’s inability to make up realistic liesContinue reading “Nurture Shock: Chapter 4 – Why Kids Lie”

Nurture Shock: Chapter 3 – Why White Parents Don't Talk about Race

I found this particular chapter from Nurture Shock particularly enlightening. For so long, we’ve all naturally assumed that children are “colour blind” when it comes to racial differences.  We assume that if we bring up the topic of race, we might be inadvertently drawing their attention to the differences between people of different ethnic backgrounds.  WeContinue reading “Nurture Shock: Chapter 3 – Why White Parents Don't Talk about Race”

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