How do you Teach a Baby to Swim? Part 1

How to Teach Your Baby to Swim is written by Douglas Doman. I had all the best intentions to teach Gareth to swim from as early as possible.  I even bought him the special neck float.  Up until recently, it was another one of those activities that I really wanted to do with the boysContinue reading “How do you Teach a Baby to Swim? Part 1”

Book Review: Oh the Places You'll Go… by Dr Seuss

This is another terrific book by Dr Seuss that we love.  It is a book that talks to your child about life – the places he’ll go, the things he will see, the emotions he will experience, and so on.  In a nutshell, it tells your child that he will be great.  It tells himContinue reading “Book Review: Oh the Places You'll Go… by Dr Seuss”

The Cat in the Hat Learning Library

While looking for some books to get as a present for a friend’s son, I came across this series in MPH.  It is “The Cat in the Hat Learning Library“.  They’re great books because they teach children to read about various subjects in a very entertaining way.  Children can read about dinosaurs, space, the humanContinue reading “The Cat in the Hat Learning Library”

More Books on Manners, Character Building, Values, and Life

When I first started hunting for books on character building that help to teach children values, I was rather disappointed that I couldn’t find much in the local bookshops.  Since then, I’ve managed to find a great series called “Help Me Be Good” by Joy Berry.  Unfortunately, it’s kind of expensive if you buy itContinue reading “More Books on Manners, Character Building, Values, and Life”

Right Brain Education in Infancy by Makoto Shichida – Part 3

Part of the reason why I wanted to read Makoto Shichida’s book was because I wanted to hear from the horse’s mouth exactly what activities are important for right brain development.  I realise that I haven’t been recording what these activities are, so here is a review of the recommended activities to practice with yourContinue reading “Right Brain Education in Infancy by Makoto Shichida – Part 3”

Teaching Values with Thomas and Friends

I’d been trying to find story books to help me teach Gavin about values when it occurred to me that the best character to teach Gavin about values is Thomas.  If I thought Gavin was crazy about Thomas when he was little, he has gone into a whole different level of madness that borders onContinue reading “Teaching Values with Thomas and Friends”

Character Building Story Books

Sometime back I mentioned I was looking for story books that were useful for teaching children about values.  Mel suggested a series called “Help Me Be Good” which is apparently being sold by Grolier.  So I tried to call them to find out more about the series but I guess I must have really offendedContinue reading “Character Building Story Books”

Right Brain Education in Infancy by Makoto Shichida – Part 2

In chapter 1 we learned that the ability to perform lightning-fast calculations is not a special talent limited to the few.  Anyone can achieve this as long as the potential of their right brain is developed from young.  We also learned that imaging plays an important part in the development of the right brain. ChapterContinue reading “Right Brain Education in Infancy by Makoto Shichida – Part 2”

Making Sense of Right Brain Education

Ever since I learned about right brain education, I have been trying to make sense of how it works and understand its impact on brain development.  Due to a lack of written information available to me at the time, my only source of information has been through word of mouth and this was the understandingContinue reading “Making Sense of Right Brain Education”

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