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Sights and Sounds: Pulau Pangkor

We took the boys to Pulau Pangkor for a bit of R&R and to celebrate their grandfather’s 60th birthday. As we all know, play is good for our children (the big kids too!) so our fun in the sun was a perfect chance to romp around in the sand and waves. It was quite an adventure forContinue reading “Sights and Sounds: Pulau Pangkor”

Second Child Syndrome and Bonding Time with No. 2

Aristotle was supposed to bring a baby photo to school for something they are working on. While flipping through his old photos, I was reminded of all the outings I had with Aristotle when it was just the two of us. With a pang of guilt, I realise that I haven’t been doing the sameContinue reading “Second Child Syndrome and Bonding Time with No. 2”

Understanding Your Child’s Love Language

I wrote about the 5 love languages some time back and even though it made sense at the time, the concept still sounded like one of those airy fairy self-help stuff that is easy to sniff at. But after asking Aristotle to take the test (and taking an assessment myself!), some of Aristotle’s behaviours areContinue reading “Understanding Your Child’s Love Language”

Bright from the Start: B is for Bonding

According to Bright from the Start, research shows that nurturing a child’s mind is as simple as A, B, C.  A is for attention, B is for bonding, and C is for communication. We know that babies need love to learn.  The following are some of the things you can do to help develop thatContinue reading “Bright from the Start: B is for Bonding”

The Benefit of Home Schooling

I used to talk about wanting to homeschool Gavin but never ended up going that way partially because I was vetoed by hubby, partially because I was afraid I wouldn’t do a good job at it, and partially because I was told it was illegal here and only special circumstances were accepted.  I supposed ifContinue reading “The Benefit of Home Schooling”

Bonding with Baby Begins in the Womb

After the experience with the Braxton Hick’s contractions, I noticed Gareth being rather quiet at night when he is normally most active.  It got me a little worried and I stayed up waiting to feel his movements.  After putting Gavin down to sleep, I played a little Mozart for Gareth because the music always seemedContinue reading “Bonding with Baby Begins in the Womb”

Interdependence in the Phases of Childhood

A common criticism I have often received as a parent is that Gavin is too “clingy” to me.  I often get annoyed by such comments because I wonder “what is too clingy”? To a certain extent, shouldn’t a child be clingy? If you examine human evolution and understand the basic psychology of a child’s development,Continue reading “Interdependence in the Phases of Childhood”

Adjusting to School – Mum's Perspective

One of the hardest part about sending Gavin to school was adjusting to the schedule and rearranging his sleep cycle.  The other part is the fact that he now spends a considerable portion of time away from me where  I don’t know what is happening except for what I hear from the teachers and aContinue reading “Adjusting to School – Mum's Perspective”

Bonding with Baby – Being the Primary Caregiver

If you’re a first time parent who has never really been comfortable with kids, it can be tempting to offer your baby up to someone else who is “more experienced”.  Watching a nanny, your mother or your MIL handle the baby with acrobatic skill will surely put a damper on your confidence as a parentContinue reading “Bonding with Baby – Being the Primary Caregiver”