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Family Board Games: Rummikub

Good executive functioning helps children succeed and one of the ways you can help children develop their executive function is to play board games. There’s a game I used to love playing as a child. It’s called Rummikub. It’s a little bit like Gin Rummy, but a lot more fun (at least, I think so). Recently,Continue reading “Family Board Games: Rummikub”

Fantastic Beasts the LEGO Board Game

We’ve enjoyed Fantastic Beasts: Cases from the Wizarding World so much that it has inspired us to make our own board game version. Since LEGO worked so well for our last board game, we decided to use it as the base for this game. We modelled much of the game after the app, so there areContinue reading “Fantastic Beasts the LEGO Board Game”

The Benefits of Playing Board Games

Why Play Board Games? They are a great way to spend family time together by: strengthening the emotional bonds between parents and children improving communication between family members helping children do better at school reducing behavioural problems with teenagers They provide screen-free time for the kids. They support the development of younger children by teaching them to followContinue reading “The Benefits of Playing Board Games”

Holiday Projects: DIY Lego Board Games

The holidays are upon us and I didn’t want the boys having too much time on their “screens” so I gave them a project. Design a Board Game Why a board game? Because board games for good for executive function development so we’ll have a new game to play after they’re done. See, I like efficiency – one activity,Continue reading “Holiday Projects: DIY Lego Board Games”

Brilliant Science Board Games

Educational Board Games on Amazon. What do you do when you need to keep the kids indoors, but you don’t want them tearing up the place or being glued to a screen? Play board games, of course! And what better way to entertain them then with Science Board Games that will make a fun familyContinue reading “Brilliant Science Board Games”

Learning Statistics with Risk – the Board Game

Playing board games can be beneficial for our children’s development, and games like chess offer extra benefits, like academic enhancement and brain development. Some board games, such as Risk – the board game – can help children learn about Math, in particular, statistics. It can be difficult for some children to get into Math when they don’t see the real-life benefits to allContinue reading “Learning Statistics with Risk – the Board Game”

Mastering Good Sportsmanship – Winning and Losing with Grace

I attended the PTCs with G1’s teachers recently and one of the areas he needed working on was his sportsmanship. G1 hates to lose which is nothing I didn’t already know, but apparently he takes it very poorly at school – now that I didn’t know. From the stories I’ve heard, he sounds like aContinue reading “Mastering Good Sportsmanship – Winning and Losing with Grace”

Valuable Life Lessons from The Game of Life

It was G1’s birthday recently. To help him cut back on his tech time (time spent on TV, iPad or computer), one of the birthday presents he received was a board game – “The Game of Life“. So that’s what we’ve been playing lately… So let me count the ways that board games are terrific… spendingContinue reading “Valuable Life Lessons from The Game of Life”

Who’s the Master Code Breaker?

For Christmas, G1 received a board game called Code Breaking. It was a bit of a blast from the past because I used to play this when I was a child, except I knew the game as “Mastermind“. Code Breaking is a fun and educational way to help the boys develop: logic and reasoning skills visual perception and spatialContinue reading “Who’s the Master Code Breaker?”