How to Instill a Love for Reading in Your Child

On Tuesday, I was invited to speak at the Popular Bookfest 2017 at the KLCC Convention Center with Michelled Lim-Chua, author of The Mindful Mom, on the topic: How to Instill a Love for Reading in Your Child These are some of the highlights from our discussion. Why Reading? “A nation that does not read muchContinue reading “How to Instill a Love for Reading in Your Child”

Bibliotherapy and Philosophical Discussions Through Stories

Some time back, there was a workshop at our school on bibliotherapy and how we can use it with our children. It resonated with me especially since I have an avid reader in the house with whom I sometimes have difficulties talking to about certain issues. Even before this workshop we have been using bibliotherapyContinue reading “Bibliotherapy and Philosophical Discussions Through Stories”

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