Dealing with Toddler Temper Tantrums Part 1

Quite a while back, I wrote about a post about the terrible twos, the wonder weeks and temper tantrums and that I would follow up with another post on what I’ve learned about dealing with these difficult situations.  My apologies for the long delay with the follow up post, but here it is better lateContinue reading “Dealing with Toddler Temper Tantrums Part 1”

Funny Saturday – the Value of a Pack of Nuggets

Gavin, my SIL2 and I were in KLCC waiting for an elevator.  We often play a game with Gavin to see who can guess which elevator will arrive first.  Since there are normally two elevators, we let Gavin decide first and choose the other one. As it is in the world of adults, we haveContinue reading “Funny Saturday – the Value of a Pack of Nuggets”

Why Do Toddlers Misbehave? – Part 2

I wrote about this some time back, but now I feel a need to expand further… I hate to use the word misbehave because it implies that toddlers are inherently naughty when that isn’t really the case. Unfortunately, that is what most parents think – or at least the ones from the generation before usContinue reading “Why Do Toddlers Misbehave? – Part 2”

Funny Friday: The Napkin Holder

Gavin was slightly over a year old when this happened… We were sitting at a restaurant in the club and Gavin was helping himself to the napkins in the napkin holder.  My FIL then said, “Gavin, stop playing with the napkins and put them back.” Gavin stopped mid-action and looked my FIL straight in theContinue reading “Funny Friday: The Napkin Holder”

Tell-Me-Thursday: The Hair Cut

Here’s the story behind yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday – The Hair Cut. Gavin was due for another haircut so the hubby and I braced ourselves as we took him to A Cut Above at Midvalley, where he had had two successful haircuts in a row.  All our past experiences cutting Gavin’s hair has always been ratherContinue reading “Tell-Me-Thursday: The Hair Cut”

Why Does My Toddler Act Up?

There are two schools of thought when it comes to children acting up.  One school of thought believes that all children are born bad and it is up to the parents to set them straight.  The other school of thought believes that all children are good but it is how parents channel their energies thatContinue reading “Why Does My Toddler Act Up?”

5 Tips for a Happy Toddler in a Carseat

I saw a rather cute ad from Mothercare recently that goes like this: MICHAEL’S RIGHTS RELATING TO BUGGY RIDES/CAR TRAVEL I reserve the right to go as stiff as a board as you attempt to strap me in. I reserve the right to become uncontrollably excited by dogs or cats. I reserve the right toContinue reading “5 Tips for a Happy Toddler in a Carseat”

“Manipulative Babies” is a Myth

I’m sure many parents have been told at one time or another that continually picking up their crying babies would “spoil” them. It has also been said that manipulative babies control their parents through crying. “Manipulative Babies” is a Myth Studies have now shown that this is neurobiologically incorrect. The human brain consists of threeContinue reading ““Manipulative Babies” is a Myth”

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