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Toddler Development: Reasons for Acting Out

Gavin tore a book at school yesterday.  He ripped out a page and threw the book into the bin right in front of the teacher.  Clearly, he was seeking attention of some sort.  When the teacher told me about it, I was speechless.  My heart dropped into the pit of my stomach.  His punishment wasContinue reading “Toddler Development: Reasons for Acting Out”

How to Negate the Negative Effects of Preschool – Part 7

Read the previous post on this topic. It seems like a lifetime ago when I first started this series of blog posts about making preschool a more positive experience for Gavin.  Admittedly, when Gavin started to accept school and the daily morning tantrums disappeared, my enthusiasm to “negate the negative effects of preschool” seemed toContinue reading “How to Negate the Negative Effects of Preschool – Part 7”

Parenting: Older Child vs Younger Sibling – Who Comes First?

I had a discussion with a friend quite some time ago about how we would manage our attention between the second baby and our first child.  We both agreed that it would be good to have help and I remember saying that I would get the help to manage the older child while I handledContinue reading “Parenting: Older Child vs Younger Sibling – Who Comes First?”

The Positive Influence of a Sibling

They say that you should avoid creating competition between your children in order to preserve the sibling relationship.  However, I have discovered that siblings can also be positive influences when you have a toddler with displaying challenging behaviours. Whether this is all part and parcel of normal toddler development, or perhaps Gavin is just moreContinue reading “The Positive Influence of a Sibling”

Toddler Behaviour: Food Intolerance

Gavin’s a picky eater.  He has been ever since he started balking at solids around about eight months.  I would even venture to say that he’s almost as bad as Leta on Dooce – at least that’s how bad it feels like these days.  Gavin has a gag reflex that would put a Bulimic toContinue reading “Toddler Behaviour: Food Intolerance”

Toddler Development: Pre-School and Making Deals

These days it seems like there are so many things to write about and not enough time to write them all.  Between Gavin and Gareth – my siamese boys – I rarely have time to think, let alone write.  So here I am trying to record events out of date, organise my thoughts and identifyContinue reading “Toddler Development: Pre-School and Making Deals”

Toddler Development: Problems with School and Sibling Rivalry

It’s been two weeks since Gavin started back at school for the new year.  Unfortunately, it looks like my early celebration of how well he took it seems to be a tad premature.  After that wonderful first day back, his attendance to school has been on the decline.  The last few days, he would howlContinue reading “Toddler Development: Problems with School and Sibling Rivalry”

Toddler Development: Understanding the Toddler Mind

When Gavin was a baby, I read the book “The Science of Parenting” by Margot Sunderland which stated that babies and very young children are incapable of manipulation.  This is because the ability to manipulate requires higher brain function which is very poorly developed in babies and very young children.  What I have always wonderedContinue reading “Toddler Development: Understanding the Toddler Mind”

Toddler Development: Creative Responses

When Gavin was younger, I used to use the “options” tactic as a pre-emptive strike against tantrums.  You know the one…  “Would you rather have A or B?”  It used to work like a charm, too. The purpose of offering two choices is so that the child does not become overwhelmed by too many options. Continue reading “Toddler Development: Creative Responses”