Are Some of Our Children’s Behavioural Traits Genetically Conditioned?

Sometime back I was having a chat with my SIL and she raised a very interesting question relating to childhood behaviours that I wanted to put out there for discussion. Here’s the question that triggered it all: “Have you ever seen a Japanese child acting out or throwing a tantrum?” I don’t know about you,Continue reading “Are Some of Our Children’s Behavioural Traits Genetically Conditioned?”

Is Cognitive Advancement Linked to Juvenile Deliquency?

Since Aristotle started school, it seems we have had more than our fair share of meetings with his teachers to address his misdemeanours at school. All in all, I think he’s been to the school’s office more times in his short experience of school than I have in all my schooling years. It’s a scaryContinue reading “Is Cognitive Advancement Linked to Juvenile Deliquency?”

Behaviour Modification: Helping Your Child Shift from Sad to Happy

Yesterday, Aristotle had a birthday party to attend. Since he was sick for two of the previous birthdays he was invited to from his friends at school, I thought he would be delighted that he could finally go to one. To top it off, it was held in Yu Kids Island and he’s always pesteringContinue reading “Behaviour Modification: Helping Your Child Shift from Sad to Happy”

Formidable Fours – Here We Go Again

After a period of relatively benign behaviour since the last storm blew in, we seem to have hit another rough patch again and I know exactly when it started – last week when Gavin started at his new school after 8 weeks of holiday. He has been uncooperative, stubborn, back-talking, unreasonable, and down-right rude toContinue reading “Formidable Fours – Here We Go Again”

Behaviour Modification: How to Alter Your Child’s Attitude Without His Awareness

One of the things about Aristotle that has been bothering me lately is his negative attitude towards a lot of things. Some time back I wrote about the “helpless child syndrome“, lamenting over the fact that Aristotle appears “incapable” of doing things whenever I am around. Although we’ve managed to address that issue somewhat, I’ve noticedContinue reading “Behaviour Modification: How to Alter Your Child’s Attitude Without His Awareness”

Child Development: The Formidable Fours

Why is it that in parenting books they talk about the “terrible twos” and “terrible threes” but there’s nothing about the “terrible fours”? Is it some sort of ploy to fool us parents into thinking we just have to get through the first few years and then we’re home free? Or perhaps they thought weContinue reading “Child Development: The Formidable Fours”

Valuing Your Child's Individuality

I know I have often written about the importance of nurture to the point that one might be forgiven for thinking that nature plays only a small role in the way our children develop. If you’ve read John Medina’s book “Brain Rules for Baby”, you will know that it’s actually 50% nature and 50% nurture.Continue reading “Valuing Your Child's Individuality”

What Children Really Want and Why it Benefits You to Give it to Them

One of the most hair-raising things about being a parent would probably have to be  the part about getting your children to do what you want.  I posted a FB status recently and other mothers with young children chimed in their agreement.  It was: The paradox of being a child: he won’t get into theContinue reading “What Children Really Want and Why it Benefits You to Give it to Them”

Anger Management for Children

In our parents’ generation, a child that “talked back” was “bad”.  A child that “talked back” to an adult was not only being disobedient but also disrespectful to his elders.  It was a bad, bad thing.  So naturally, when Gavin started talking back, it made me concerned that my ordinarily fairly well-behaved boy was becomingContinue reading “Anger Management for Children”

The Terrible Threes – the Parent’s Role

In the first year, it was the wonder weeks.  Then it was the terrible twos – which apparently spanned from the second year to the third.  Now it’s the terrible threes.  If you speak to other parents, they’ll tell you the fearsome fours and frightening fives are just around the corner.  And just when youContinue reading “The Terrible Threes – the Parent’s Role”

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