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Manhattan Toy Skwish Classic

You can squish me and i return to my orignal shape I have beads that slide Intrigue and engage your little one with the colorful, curious Skwish Classic. Designed by Manhattan Toy, the Skwish appeals to your baby’s visual and tactile senses, making this sophisticated toy a source of wonder and learning. Measures 5.5″ diameter.Continue reading “Manhattan Toy Skwish Classic”

Language Acquisition: How a Word is Born

There is a very interesting video on TED about how babies learn to speak new words. It is given by Deb Roy who directs the Cognitive Machines group at the MIT Media Lab, where he studies how children learn language, and designs machines that learn to communicate in human-like ways. In this talk, he tellsContinue reading “Language Acquisition: How a Word is Born”

Can Babies Really Learn Math?

When Gareth was 3 months old, I started him on Doman’s Math Program. He has gone through cards from 0-100, and learned addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Although Doman advises against “testing” children because it can put them off learning, you can indirectly test your baby by giving him problems to solve in a funContinue reading “Can Babies Really Learn Math?”

Keeping Baby Happy in the Car Seat – Part 3

Although Gavin was one tough customer to please when he is in a car seat, we are finally past the stage of the “difficult” car rides.  I guess time really dulls the memory because it would seem I have forgotten what it is like to have a baby in the car seat.  Going through itContinue reading “Keeping Baby Happy in the Car Seat – Part 3”

Glenn Doman: How to Teach Your Baby – Part 5

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. Glenn Doman’s reading program usually recommends showing a baby 5 sets of 5 cards, 3 times a day for 5 days, then introduce a new word in each set.  When talking to TweedleWink, they felt this frequency for introducing new words was too slow.  The rationale wasContinue reading “Glenn Doman: How to Teach Your Baby – Part 5”

Attachment Parenting – Just How Responsive Do You Have to Be?

“If baby cries, pick him up.” That’s the parenting philosophy I’ve been following ever since I had Gavin.  I don’t subscribe to the belief that babies need to “cry-it-out” to “strengthen their lungs”.  If that last sounds unbelievable to you then we’re on the same page. With Gavin, it was generally pretty easy to observeContinue reading “Attachment Parenting – Just How Responsive Do You Have to Be?”

Review: Pretty Printed Fleece Diapers

Before Gareth was born, I went on a cloth diaper rampage and both some new diapers for Gareth.  One of the sets of diapers I bought were from Pretty Printed on Etsy.  They were having a special promotion with 6 fleece diapers for the price of 5 (US$14 x 5 = 70).  The diapers includeContinue reading “Review: Pretty Printed Fleece Diapers”