Review: Combi Urban Baby Carrier

Here’s another two-in-one baby carrier / diaper bag – it’s the Combi Urban Baby Carrier. Like the Kemby Side-Kick, it is also a side carry.  The main advantage of Combi over the Kemby Side-Kick is that it is much more affordable.  I saw it at The First Few Years retailing at RM 229.  It isContinue reading “Review: Combi Urban Baby Carrier”

Review: Scootababy Carrier

After a lot of pondering, I finally bought the Scootababy.  What happened?  Gareth swiped my hand and I spilled my hot chocolate on the Ergo.  For three whole days I could not use the Ergo and had to carry Gareth in my arms or in the ring sling.  By the end of the first day,Continue reading “Review: Scootababy Carrier”

Safety Warnings for Using Slings with Infants

I’m a pro-baby wearer and have worn Gavin and Gareth since they were both one month old.  Though Gavin was worn only in the Bjorn up until he was about 7 months, I have worn Gareth in a sling.  Though neither of my boys fit the criteria mentioned in this article, I thought it wasContinue reading “Safety Warnings for Using Slings with Infants”

More on the Ergo Baby Carrier

Looks like I got to test out carrying a toddler in the Ergo a lot sooner than I was expecting… Since I unofficially completed the confinement month (unofficial because tomorrow is technically my last day, but I have considered myself off confinement since Sunday because that was when Gareth’s Full Moon was celebrated), I haveContinue reading “More on the Ergo Baby Carrier”

Bjorn Baby Carrier versus Ergo Baby Carrier

When I had Gavin, hubby and I bought a Bjorn baby carrier.  Having problematic backs, we decided to get the Bjorn Active which provides lumbar support, wide padded shoulder straps and better weight distribution.  The Bjorn Active is generally recommended for heavier children – quite apt if you consider that Gavin was 4kg at birthContinue reading “Bjorn Baby Carrier versus Ergo Baby Carrier”

Does too Much Baby Wearing Impede an Infants Motor Skill Development?

There is an interesting article from the 2009 July issue of Scientific American Magazine: “Crawling May Be Unnecessary for Normal Child Development“. As a parent who is pro-baby wearing, I have to admit being somewhat conflicted about “over carrying” my baby since it is commonly accepted that babies need “tummy time” for their development.  FailureContinue reading “Does too Much Baby Wearing Impede an Infants Motor Skill Development?”

Why I Got an Ergo Baby Carrier

Recently, I bought myself an Ergo baby carrier from Mummy’s Milk.  I had initially wanted to buy one direct from the US but it appears they aren’t allowed to ship to Malaysia because there was already a local supplier.  Dang.  Would you believe that the one from the US would have been cheaper to buyContinue reading “Why I Got an Ergo Baby Carrier”

Bonding with Baby – How Baby Wearing Helps

Baby wearing is the practice of carrying baby close to you using a sling or carrier.  It is generally associated with the attachment parenting philosophy, although baby wearing in Asian countries is a common practice. Personally, I find baby wearing one of the most common sense practices of parenting because it allows a mother orContinue reading “Bonding with Baby – How Baby Wearing Helps”

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