Review: Kemby Side-Kick Baby Carrier and Diaper Bag

I’ve always preferred wearing my babies around rather than lugging a stroller.  The local wheel-unfriendly terrain doesn’t exactly inspire me to bring out the stroller either.  As a result, going out with a baby usually meant going on a camping trip.  I would have baby in a carrier in front of me and the backpackContinue reading “Review: Kemby Side-Kick Baby Carrier and Diaper Bag”

Tiny Tapir Baby Carriers and Cloth Diapers in Bangsar Village

I finally made it to a Fitball session at Fitfor2 – something I’ve been trying to schedule for weeks.  I almost thought I’d have to cancel again until I realised that Gareth’s doctor’s appointment was for tomorrow.  It’s amazing how quickly the weeks fly by and how little time there seems to be to doContinue reading “Tiny Tapir Baby Carriers and Cloth Diapers in Bangsar Village”

Naforye Multi-Function Baby Bibs Give Away

Mummys Reviews is hosting a Naforye Multi-Function Baby Bibs Give Away.  Click on the link to find out how you can enter it and with a free Naforye Multi-Function Baby Bib. When Gavin was little, he hated his bibs.  As soon as he had any kind of motor coordination, he started to tug at them. Continue reading “Naforye Multi-Function Baby Bibs Give Away”

Review: The Pureen Manual Breast Pump

After wrecking the seal of my brand new First Years breast pump and discovering that there was no way to repair it, I had to go out to get another one.  We went to two places and could not find the First Years breast pump in stock.  In the end, I bought the Pureen manualContinue reading “Review: The Pureen Manual Breast Pump”

Review: The First Years Breast Flow Bottles and Pump

Since before Gareth was born, my MIL has been offering to help look after him.  She also suggested I express my breast milk so she can bottle feed Gareth.  I had been reluctant to express and bottle feed during the confinement month because I didn’t want Gareth to have “nipple confusion” which can happen whenContinue reading “Review: The First Years Breast Flow Bottles and Pump”

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