Product Review: Scootababy versus the Ergo

Now that I’ve been using the Scootababy for some time and had a better chance to compare it against the Ergo, here’s my verdict: I recommend the Ergo. Why I prefer the Ergo: It has a sleeping hood which is great for blocking out unwanted stimuli so baby can fall asleep more easily. The sleepingContinue reading “Product Review: Scootababy versus the Ergo”

Review: Kemby Side-Kick Baby Carrier and Diaper Bag

I’ve always preferred wearing my babies around rather than lugging a stroller.  The local wheel-unfriendly terrain doesn’t exactly inspire me to bring out the stroller either.  As a result, going out with a baby usually meant going on a camping trip.  I would have baby in a carrier in front of me and the backpackContinue reading “Review: Kemby Side-Kick Baby Carrier and Diaper Bag”

More on the Ergo Baby Carrier

Looks like I got to test out carrying a toddler in the Ergo a lot sooner than I was expecting… Since I unofficially completed the confinement month (unofficial because tomorrow is technically my last day, but I have considered myself off confinement since Sunday because that was when Gareth’s Full Moon was celebrated), I haveContinue reading “More on the Ergo Baby Carrier”

Why I Got an Ergo Baby Carrier

Recently, I bought myself an Ergo baby carrier from Mummy’s Milk.  I had initially wanted to buy one direct from the US but it appears they aren’t allowed to ship to Malaysia because there was already a local supplier.  Dang.  Would you believe that the one from the US would have been cheaper to buyContinue reading “Why I Got an Ergo Baby Carrier”

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