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Helping Children Develop Tools for Positive Attitudes

This is part of our series of articles on how to raise happy, confident and successful children… What else can we do to help our children develop positive attitudes for life? We can teach them tools that will help them recognise that they are in control of how they feel. Using Physiology to Change HowContinue reading “Helping Children Develop Tools for Positive Attitudes”

Good Practices for Encouraging Positive Behaviour

As G1 grows up, we have observed cyclical patterns of difficult behaviours. Although he is generally my “good” kid, it would be remiss of me not to acknowledge these very trying periods that often make me question the kind of parent I have been. Perhaps that’s what makes it even harder for me to accept – the fact that he is my “good”Continue reading “Good Practices for Encouraging Positive Behaviour”

Behaviour Modification: How to Alter Your Child’s Attitude Without His Awareness

One of the things about Aristotle that has been bothering me lately is his negative attitude towards a lot of things. Some time back I wrote about the “helpless child syndrome“, lamenting over the fact that Aristotle appears “incapable” of doing things whenever I am around. Although we’ve managed to address that issue somewhat, I’ve noticedContinue reading “Behaviour Modification: How to Alter Your Child’s Attitude Without His Awareness”