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Soft Toy Sewing Project – Making a Minecraft Creeper

Sometimes the best projects of all are the ones you didn’t plan… I was working on the boys’ Ranger Apprentice costumes for Book Week and all my art and craft supplies out when G1 spied a packet of stuffing (or batting – whatever you want to call it). He asked me what it was for soContinue reading “Soft Toy Sewing Project – Making a Minecraft Creeper”

Art and Craft: Pom Pom Creatures aka Pluffs

G1 is my creative boy. Every now and then, he’ll ask to make random stuff… Recently, he wanted to make a pluff. What’s a pluff, you ask? Here they are: Materials: Wool or embroidery floss A tube (3-4cm in diameter) – we used a Tiger Balm jar scissors googly eyes sticky felt for decorating glue (optional –Continue reading “Art and Craft: Pom Pom Creatures aka Pluffs”

Simple Physics: Constructing a Play House from Cereal and Toy Boxes

This activity was inspired by the article from PsyBlog – Free Play: Simple Items More Fun For Children. Movable/recycled materials are suggested to stimulate creativity and diversity to children’s play and provide active play experiences by facilitating pushing, pulling and lifting and the construction of structures (e.g. cubby houses, rockets, ships) whilst engaging in social interactionContinue reading “Simple Physics: Constructing a Play House from Cereal and Toy Boxes”

Making Dream Catchers – Round 2

G1 made a Dream Catcher following instructions from the Angry Birds Stella Super Interactive Annual 2015 last holidays and he had a lot of fun making it so when my god daughter came to stay with us, I decided we could make a “proper” dream catcher as a bonding project. It was also a great opportunity to go checkContinue reading “Making Dream Catchers – Round 2”