Happy Mother’s Day, Babylicious Update and Aristotle’s Home Program

How apt that it is Mother’s Day and I have chosen this day to ponder over the future direction of this blog… So first up, let me wish you Happy Mother’s Day! Now, on to the next part… This blog has been a reflection of the journey I have taken since I first discovered IContinue reading “Happy Mother’s Day, Babylicious Update and Aristotle’s Home Program”

Funny Friday: The Napkin Holder

Gavin was slightly over a year old when this happened… We were sitting at a restaurant in the club and Gavin was helping himself to the napkins in the napkin holder.  My FIL then said, “Gavin, stop playing with the napkins and put them back.” Gavin stopped mid-action and looked my FIL straight in theContinue reading “Funny Friday: The Napkin Holder”

Tell-Me-Thursday: The Hair Cut

Here’s the story behind yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday – The Hair Cut. Gavin was due for another haircut so the hubby and I braced ourselves as we took him to A Cut Above at Midvalley, where he had had two successful haircuts in a row.  All our past experiences cutting Gavin’s hair has always been ratherContinue reading “Tell-Me-Thursday: The Hair Cut”

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