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How Can We Prevent Drug Use in Children

Recently, we had an excellent parent workshop at school on the prevention of drug use in children from Kari Yuen, FCD Prevention Specialist. Substance abuse is one of those topics that is always worrying for a parent. Whether we are reformed abusers from our youth or if we managed to navigate the challenging years unscathed, most of usContinue reading “How Can We Prevent Drug Use in Children”

Parenting: Concerning Addiction and Dealing with it

When we hear the word addiction, we immediately think of drug addiction, but this post is not just about drugs. It’s about everything that we can possibly get addicted to, including our digital devices. If we accept Steven Kotler’s premise that we are all addicts to a degree, then we need to pay attention toContinue reading “Parenting: Concerning Addiction and Dealing with it”

What do You Mean Kids are Addicted to Their iPads and Require Therapy???

I read this article recently: Toddlers become so addicted to iPads they require therapy. I confess that my initial reaction was alarm. Oh no! Are my children addicted to the iPad??! Will I have to fork out thousands of dollars to pay for their therapy because of my faulty parenting choices? Yeah. I panicked. IContinue reading “What do You Mean Kids are Addicted to Their iPads and Require Therapy???”