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School Academics Enhance Crystalline Intelligence But Not Fluid Intelligence

If we agree that fluid intelligence is important for our children’s future success, then this article is going to be an eye-opener… To evaluate school quality, states require students to take standardized tests; in many cases, passing those tests is necessary to receive a high-school diploma. These high-stakes tests have also been shown to predictContinue reading “School Academics Enhance Crystalline Intelligence But Not Fluid Intelligence”

Children and Sleep: If They Don’t Snooze, They Lose…

If your child isn’t getting enough sleep, his performance in school drops. Well that’s obvious. But what may not be obvious is how significantly it impacts your child if he misses just one hour of sleep a night. “A sleep deprivation study on a group of elementary students revealed that sixth graders, missing one hourContinue reading “Children and Sleep: If They Don’t Snooze, They Lose…”

Helping Children Become Successful in Future: Education Priorities

When hubby and I first talked about the children’s education, we agreed that the focus should be more than simply academics. We all know that it takes more than a report card with straight A’s to be successful in life. And yet, when parents get together to talk about schools and education, there appears toContinue reading “Helping Children Become Successful in Future: Education Priorities”

Does Playing Chess Enhance Academic Performance?

Since Aristotle was little, I have wanted to teach him how to play chess. I figured I would start when he was old enough to absorb the rules of the game. I never thought much about it beyond that. Recently, I read a couple of articles suggested the benefits of encouraging children to play chessContinue reading “Does Playing Chess Enhance Academic Performance?”