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5 Methods to Bring Out the “Potential Ability” of Children

From the Heguru Parents’ Seminar. 1. Enlarge the container (capacity) of the brain. 2. Discover the methods and develop the inborn abilities of children. 3. Build the confidence in children and develop their potential abilities. 4. Develop your child’s emotional intelligence (EQ). 5. Develop their true thinking ability.

Early Childhood Education – Are You Pushing Too Hard?

I stumbled across these Kumon workbooks at MPH bookshop last night.  While shopping at Midvalley Megamall, Gavin insisted on taking his regular stroll through MPH to check out what’s new in the Thomas and Friends section (which, incidentally, was nothing).  As I waited for him to tire of looking at the same old Thomas booksContinue reading “Early Childhood Education – Are You Pushing Too Hard?”