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Flash Cards for Doman and Right Brain Education

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Flash Cards

Doman’s early childhood development flashcard program focuses on four areas:

  1. Reading
  2. Math
  3. Encyclopedic Knowledge
  4. Physical Excellence

The first three of these areas use flashcards primarily. The following links are to flashcards I have created and to other flashcard resources I have used. These resources can also be used for the Right Brain Education Speedplay program.

Figur8 Flash Cards:

  • Reading – Reading flashcards I created on powerpoint
  • Math – Math flashcards I created on powerpoint
  • General Knowledge – Bits of Intelligence flashcards I created on powerpoint for Glenn Doman and Right Brain Education Speedplay programs.
  • Little Reader – flashcard and reading program
  • Little Math – Math flashcards
  • Little Reader Flashcards – these are flashcards I have created for Little Reader. They are free to download but require the Little Reader software to view.


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