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Early Start Makes a Difference – The Star Education

Early childhood education is the foundation for lifelong learning and plays an important role in the growth and development of a child.

IT is never too early to get children started on learning. Studies show that a child’s physical, intellectual, social and emotional growth develops exponentially in the first six years of her life.

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How to Unlock Your Child’s Potential – Thots N Tots

MOST parents want to know the secrets – the secrets to being good parents, the secrets to bringing up bright children, and even the secrets to raising happy and healthy families. Author, former dentist and founder of Dr Shen-Li Lee knows the “secrets” and has even written about them in her book, Brainchild – Secrets to Unlocking Your Child’s Potential.

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Time Out – New Straits Times

A child needs sleep, rest, nutrition, touch and security so that he can focus on being the best he can be, writes Aneeta Sundararaj

A little Malay boy, Adam, wakes up at six in the morning. After a quick breakfast he goes to a Chinese school and returns home at two in the afternoon. From then on, it’s a round of tuition classes until nine at night. After a quick dinner, it’s off to bed. On weekends, he has extra classes plus music lessons, art class and martial arts training. Each December, he goes for “Advanced” classes to be ahead of his peers in the coming year. Sadly, Adam’s grades are below average. Even worse, he’s only 9 years old.

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Is Science Too Daunting for Too Many Students? – New Straits Times

THE number of students enrolled in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)-related programmes in higher secondary and tertiary levels is on a decline.

The STEM curriculum serves to educate students in an interdisciplinary and applied approach. Last month, it was reported that the target for students enrolling in the stream is not being met annually at the school and tertiary levels.

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Digital Detox for Children – New Sunday Times

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Jangan Pisahkan Kanak-Kanak Dengan Gajet – Utusan

Figur8 media

More Articles on Digital Parenting from Zoo Moo’s Big Day Out

Creating Happy Memories with the Kids

According to Krystine Batcho in an article entitled “Childhood Happiness: More Than Just Child’s Play” in the magazine Psychology Today, “… research suggests that the impression of having had a happy childhood is associated with greater social connectedness, enhanced sense of self and healthy behaviours.

“Adverse impressions of childhood are related to greater difficulty in relationships, self-insight and dealing with distress.”

If who we are today is a product of what we experienced, then the importance of great memories cannot be denied, especially in childhood.

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