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Education for the Whole Child

whole childWelcome to Figur8! We believe that that education is not only about filling a child’s head with information; it is about developing the whole child – heart, mind and body. Makoto Shichida said, “Rearing children with enormous ability, rich creativity, and the capability to make use of a high proportion of their brains should be the goal of child rearing.” One of our goals at Figur8 is to explore how we can raise such children and to share our findings with other parents and educators.

Defining Success

When it comes to defining the successful child, we choose to follow a very broad definition of the term. Success in our mind includes:

  • A meaningful life: we want children to have a life that is meaningful to them. We want them to feel passionate about what they do.
  • Successful relationships: we want children to develop strong relationships with friends and family because success is hollow when you don’t have people you care about and who care about you in your life.
  • Emotional stability: we want children to be emotionally stable. There can be no success if children are so stressed about doing well in school that they suffer from depression and take their own lives.
  • Health: we want children to lead healthy lives because success is meaningless without the physical health to enjoy it.
  • Good character: we want to raise children with good character and moral fiber. They should not only be compassionate towards others but to act with morals. We complain about the way people are in the world today – and all the awful things we see and read about in the news. Maybe we can’t change that, but we can influence the next generation.

This is what we believe success should be. It should not only be about doing well at school and in a future career, but all-round in their lives. So when we look at the qualities we aspire to bring out in children, these are the what we look for:

  • able to form deep and meaningful relationships with others
  • kind and polite
  • intelligent
  • life-long learners
  • resilient
  • creative
  • able to function independently and as part of a group
  • able to make wise choices
  • able to think and act morally
  • confident
  • comfortable with his or her sexuality
  • able to communicate well
  • joyful in his or her attitude

(Adapted from definition of a “successful child” — from Sears and Sears)
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At Figur8, you will find articles and resources on raising happy, confident and successful children. We are dedicated to helping parents bring out the full potential within every child so that together we may pave the way to a better tomorrow. As parents, we’re not just rearing children, we’re molding the future. In our hands lies the power to change the world “one heart at a time” (Pamela Hickein, Right Brain Kids).


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