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Montessori: Brilliant Minds Montessori Programs

The Brilliant Minds Montessori programs were developed by Dr. Meredith McCurdy for her students at Brilliant Minds Montessori in Sanford, FL. Dr. McCurdy is a Certified Montessori Teacher and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Syracuse University, a Master’s Degree in Child Development and Education from the University of London, England, and a Ph.D.Continue reading “Montessori: Brilliant Minds Montessori Programs”

Early Literacy: Even More Reasons to Start Early

Another one for the case for early literacy. Although 99% of children eventually learn to read in school, the main reason for the push for early literacy is not necessarily to give your child a headstart in school, but to ensure that he is functionally literate as highlighted by KL on the BrillKids blog: TheContinue reading “Early Literacy: Even More Reasons to Start Early”

Handwriting Skills can Enhance Reading Ability

If you are teaching your child to read, then getting your child to work on his handwriting skills is a good supplementary activity based on the findings that handwriting enhances reading. This is because “kinesthetic learning results in very powerful memories”. Hmmm… no wonder I’ve always found it easier to remember more of what I’veContinue reading “Handwriting Skills can Enhance Reading Ability”

Teaching Your Child to Write: Handwriting Practice

Learning to write is one of those tedious subjects that is just plain boring. Well, what would you expect from anything that required that much repetition? Although I made some headway with Gavin with regards to writing practice after introducing him to a handwriting iPhone app, all self-motivated practice came to an abrupt halt afterContinue reading “Teaching Your Child to Write: Handwriting Practice”