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Should Students be Taught Cursive Handwriting in the 21st Century?

In a world that is progressively become more and more digital, there have been many arguments regarding the value of teaching children handwriting skills, let alone cursive handwriting. However, as we have covered in previous articles, just as there are benefits to retaining handwriting skills, there are also benefits for preserving the art of cursiveContinue reading “Should Students be Taught Cursive Handwriting in the 21st Century?”

Journaling, Dream Diaries, and Writing by Hand

Last year, G1 received a diary from his teacher as an “end of year” present. He’s been recording all sorts of things in it, including drawings from his dreams. I’ve always thought it’s nice to have a diary to look back and remember your thoughts from before if only to see how you’ve changed, but thereContinue reading “Journaling, Dream Diaries, and Writing by Hand”

Literacy Resources: Reading and Writing with Read Write Inc

Most methods of teaching children to write their alphabets are usually pretty boring and tedious. They usually involve something along the lines of repeatedly tracing rows and rows of letters until the child is able to remember how to form the letter from memory. It is no wonder some children don’t feel inclined to pick upContinue reading “Literacy Resources: Reading and Writing with Read Write Inc”

Mark Making and Emergent Writing: Supporting Writing at Home

Although there is more to education than the 3 Rs, reading, writing and arithmetic have long been considered the basic foundation to a successful education. Of the 3 Rs, writing has often been the area that we have trouble encouraging the boys with. Many parents tell me it’s a “boy thing” so we’ve employed all manner of ways to encourage handwriting practice. HereContinue reading “Mark Making and Emergent Writing: Supporting Writing at Home”

The Art of Writing by Hand Still Relevant in the 21st Century

“That linkage between hand and mind is intimate.” – anthropologist David F. Armstrong With the phenomenal advancement of technology over the last couple of decades, computers, smart boards, and smart devices are now typical tools in classroom education. As keystrokes fast become the norm for producing written communications, the emphasis on handwritten work is fading. Should we be concerned? As longContinue reading “The Art of Writing by Hand Still Relevant in the 21st Century”

Creative Writing: How the Bee Got Home by Gavin Goh

This is another update of G1’s fictional work… Recently, a friend recommended StoryBird to us. She thought that it would be a great place for G1 to create and share his work. StoryBird is like an online community for aspiring writers to create, share, and publish their stories. StoryBird also provides a library of artwork that writers can add to theirContinue reading “Creative Writing: How the Bee Got Home by Gavin Goh”

Writing: Haiku Poems from Gavin Goh

Haiku is a very short form of Japanese poetry with three lines. The first line contains 5 syllables, the second 7 syllables, and the third 5 syllables again. More about Haiku on Wikipedia Haiku is an easy way to get the children started on writing poetry. G1 learned about them at school and wrote theseContinue reading “Writing: Haiku Poems from Gavin Goh”

Introducing: Curse of the Dragon by Gavin Goh

As I mentioned in an earlier post, G1 has been working on a book and it is finally completed. He wrote the entire story himself. All I did was edit grammar, punctuation and spelling and to help him put it together into a PDF. I tried to encourage him to draw his own pictures but heContinue reading “Introducing: Curse of the Dragon by Gavin Goh”

Learning to Write – Getting Ready, Posture, and Pencil Grip

In the era of technology, handwriting is fast becoming a lost art but there are many benefits that handwriting practice can offer which make it a worthwhile art to preserve: Helps develop reading skills Trains the brain Affects the way children learn Develops thinking, language and working memory Getting ready for writing If you want to help yourContinue reading “Learning to Write – Getting Ready, Posture, and Pencil Grip”

The 3 Rs: R for ‘Riting – How to Encourage Children to Practice Their Handwriting Skills

Successful Kids have a strong foundation in the 3-Rs – reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic. Today, we will focus on “writing”… Similar to Math practice, encouraging Aristotle to pick up a pencil and practice his handwriting is like trying to make a rock bleed. To make this uphill battle a little easier, I’ve had to devise waysContinue reading “The 3 Rs: R for ‘Riting – How to Encourage Children to Practice Their Handwriting Skills”