Guest Post: Dream Destinations for Family Vacations

Travelling to new places is a wonderful bonding opportunity for parents and children and a terrific educational experience. We have previously written about the power of experiential learning and family vacations are a natural extension of that. In today’s guest post by Emma Johnson, she shares some dream destinations you can plan with your family. Emma is a full-timeContinue reading “Guest Post: Dream Destinations for Family Vacations”

From Cadbury with Love – a Sweet, Chocolate Experience

G2 is learning about chocolate at school as part of his enquiry unit. One of the projects he is working on involves the research and development of a fictitious chocolate treat. After conducting some market research, his team will have to design and promote their idea. Our school encourages parent engagement to support our children’s learning.Continue reading “From Cadbury with Love – a Sweet, Chocolate Experience”

Petrosains Science Festival: Little Plans for the Big Planet

When I was a child, I remember going on a school excursion where we learned about our dwindling fossil fuel energy resources and the need to move towards renewable energy sources. This was back in the 1980s when the concept of solar-powered homes were still a new concept so when they took us through aContinue reading “Petrosains Science Festival: Little Plans for the Big Planet”

Park Hopping: Best Melbourne Playgrounds

We’ve been on a mission to all check out the best Melbourne playgrounds. We began this undertaking some years back after being blown away by Hays Paddock. Since then, the playgrounds have only gotten better and better. It is almost as if there is a secret competition for the “best playground” award and every council is vyingContinue reading “Park Hopping: Best Melbourne Playgrounds”

Museum Victoria – Melbourne Museum’s Bug Exhibition

It’s been a while since we last visited Museum Victoria – Melbourne Museum but we decided to check it out after hearing so much about the new bug exhibition – Bug Lab: Little Bugs, Super Powers. The Bug Lab premiered in Wellington last year at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa. We were quite fortunate toContinue reading “Museum Victoria – Melbourne Museum’s Bug Exhibition”

Sights and Sounds: MinNature – Indoor Miniature Exhibition

The kids are on school holidays and we were looking for things to do when we stumbled on MinNature. What is MinNature? Located on Level 4 of Summit Shopping Mall (where the old rock climbing gym used to be), MinNature is an exhibition of gorgeously handcrafted dioramas depicting many spectacular wonders. Spanning 17,000 square feet,Continue reading “Sights and Sounds: MinNature – Indoor Miniature Exhibition”

Trip Report: Highlights from Chiang Mai

We might not be brave enough to do the whole World Schooling Experience but that doesn’t mean we can’t try to give the kids a bit of exposure to different cultures during their school holidays. Over the Christmas holidays, we went to Chiang Mai in Thailand where we saw elephants, a 3D Art Museum, the night market, temples,Continue reading “Trip Report: Highlights from Chiang Mai”

A Forest Adventure in Bedok

I like to think I’m a pretty adventurous person – from climbing trees and stemming doorways as a child to caving, hiking and rock climbing as an adult, I always thought that my kids would be the same. It turns out that they are far more like their father than me in this department. Nevertheless, IContinue reading “A Forest Adventure in Bedok”

Adventures in Singapore – Sentosa Island Fun and More

Being open to experience is a quality that is more important for success than IQ. Unfortunately, being open to experience is a personality trait and we all know personality traits aren’t easy to change. The recommendation for change is usually to take frequent steps in your desired direction (even if they are small ones), so we try toContinue reading “Adventures in Singapore – Sentosa Island Fun and More”

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