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2nd Pregnancy – Week 30: Braxton Hick's Contractions

Back Pain It will be another week before I see the doctor again.  The back pain is worse and affects me every time I lie down.  I get both lumbar back pain and posterior pelvic pain which descends to my behind and back of my thighs. The back pain was somewhat alleviated by the PregalatesContinue reading “2nd Pregnancy – Week 30: Braxton Hick's Contractions”

2nd Pregnancy – Week 28: Cramps!

A few weeks back, I was stretching in bed – no not the regular exercise stretches but the lazy kind of stretch when you’re trying to brace yourself to get up out of bed.  All of a sudden, I started cramping in my left calf.  I managed to relieve it by flexing my foot andContinue reading “2nd Pregnancy – Week 28: Cramps!”

2nd Pregnancy: 5th Visit to the Doctor

I had my fifth visit to the doctor yesterday: Blood pressure was fine and urine test came out clear. Weight gain: 3kgs. Apparently still within accepted limits, albeit a tad on the high side. Baby appears a tad on the large side (which I expected) but not excessively so as to be a cause forContinue reading “2nd Pregnancy: 5th Visit to the Doctor”

The Effects of Prenatal Iron Deficiency on Foetal Development

Despite many modern advances in health, iron deficiency still remains as one of the primary nutritional disorders in the world, placing it second only to tuberculosis as the world most common and costly health problem. Iron deficiency is a condition that affects individuals not only in developing nations but also in developed nations. In industrialisedContinue reading “The Effects of Prenatal Iron Deficiency on Foetal Development”

What to Expect When Sending Your Child to School for the First Time

It has only been two days since Gavin started going to school, but here are some things I have learned since. Behaviours to Expect In the materials sent to us by the school, there was a section that talked about certain child behaviours to be prepared for while the child is adjusting to school.  TheContinue reading “What to Expect When Sending Your Child to School for the First Time”

2nd Pregnancy: 4th Visit to the Doctor

Well, that’s done confirmed it…  We saw the doctor again yesterday and there’s no mistake about it – we’re having a boy.  Even I couldn’t doubt the shape of what I was seeing – the scrotum and his penis.  Nevertheless, I had to ask the doctor again for any possibility of a mistake and hisContinue reading “2nd Pregnancy: 4th Visit to the Doctor”

2nd Pregnancy – Week 18

Okay, nothing new here for me except some rather interesting developments from Gavin’s point of view… As I mentioned earlier, I was going to continue nursing Gavin through the pregnancy unless he decided weaned himself and I have been.  Well, I have continued nursing him and Gavin hasn’t shown any indication of wanting to wean. Continue reading “2nd Pregnancy – Week 18”