The Power of Play: Why Playing is Important for Healthy Child Development

The Importance of Play “It is paradoxical that many educators and parents still differentiate between a time for learning and a time for play without seeing the vital connection between them.” – Leo F. Buscaglia Play is an essential part of growing up but many parents are losing sight on its importance as they succumbContinue reading “The Power of Play: Why Playing is Important for Healthy Child Development”

Kidzania – An Educational Role Playing Experience

After months of walking past that replica model of Kidzania in The Curve to the big banners advertising their opening date and listening to Aristotle beg and beg and beg for us to visit this wonderland for kids, we finally bought tickets to go a couple of weeks back. It cost me RM55 for Aristotle,Continue reading “Kidzania – An Educational Role Playing Experience”

Pretend Play: IKEA Life-Like Play Toys and Imaginary Toys

While we’re on the topic of quality toys (recommended by Montessori philosophy), take a look at these toy kitchen sets from IKEA… They are so lovely even I want a set for myself! They are quite dear but they are effectively the real thing made in child-sizes so your child can really use these toysContinue reading “Pretend Play: IKEA Life-Like Play Toys and Imaginary Toys”

The True Value of Play in Child Development

Ever since I read Nurture Shock and the successful results of the Tools of the Mind program in schools, I’ve been an advocate for Vygotsky’s principles on the importance of imaginary play. At home, I encourage Gavin’s active imagination and even participate in his pretend picnics and camping trips. A recent article from the ChronicleContinue reading “The True Value of Play in Child Development”

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