The Targimals and the Endless Night

Creativity is the most important quality we can have, and it is important to nurture it in our children. So we backed a Kickstarter project – Forge of Honor – as part of our ongoing effort to cultivate their creativity through imaginative play. The boys and I recently came up with a story for the Targimals called The Targimals and theContinue reading “The Targimals and the Endless Night”

4 Reasons Why Kids Should Choose Physical Play Over Handheld Gadgets

Studies show that 64% of children in the UK play outside less than once a week. This is a worrying trend for parents, especially with childhood obesity steadily increasing. More and more children use handheld devices, such as tablets and mobile phones to access information, play and network with other children. In moderation, these technologies can haveContinue reading “4 Reasons Why Kids Should Choose Physical Play Over Handheld Gadgets”

Are Your Children Missing Out on this Vital Opportunity for Development?

It’s a dog eat dog world out there and the competition is tough and relentless. Every parent wants to do everything within their power to make sure their children get the right opportunities for that leg-up in life. Not a single moment can be wasted if the time can be better spent ensuring our children are being preparedContinue reading “Are Your Children Missing Out on this Vital Opportunity for Development?”

10 Cool Thinking Games and Brain Toys

When it comes to toys, I confess that I like the ones that offer the most mileage. I like them to be appealing to look at, nice to play with, and educational. The toy design should also offer children room to grow alongside the toy so that they can be played with for years toContinue reading “10 Cool Thinking Games and Brain Toys”

Jungle Gym @ Bangsar Shopping Centre – Review and Halloween Costume Party!

Movement is good for brain development and physical activity can enhance academic performance. When children engage in free play, they learn a whole lot of things we don’t even realise they are learning. What better way to entertain the children this holidays than with an opportunity to move and to play at a jungle gym? As muchContinue reading “Jungle Gym @ Bangsar Shopping Centre – Review and Halloween Costume Party!”

Introducing Robotics with Lego Mindstorms EV3

G1 received a new Lego project from his grandfather recently. It’s called Lego Mindstorms. It’s kinda like Lego Technic with power functions but cooler because you can make all kinds of robots that the mind can conjure up. Even if you’re not ready for that, you can just follow the instructions and use the ready made programs to create oneContinue reading “Introducing Robotics with Lego Mindstorms EV3”

Let’s Play! The Role of Playing in Learning

“Play is the highest form of research.” ~ Albert Einstein The Importance of Imaginative Play Fantasy play is correlated with other positive attributes. In preschool children, for example, those who have imaginary friends are more creative, have greater social understanding and are better at taking the perspective of others, according to Marjorie Taylor, a psychologyContinue reading “Let’s Play! The Role of Playing in Learning”

Tools of the Mind Preschool Curriculum

When we first heard about Tools of the Mind, the reports about the program for early childhood education were very positive and extremely encouraging. The concept of providing young children with mind tools that help them control their emotions and impulses made a lot of sense especially in an age that encourages the development ofContinue reading “Tools of the Mind Preschool Curriculum”

Learn about Electronics with little Bits

What are littleBits? littleBits is an open-source library of color-coded electronic modules — miniscule circuit boards with specific functions, such as light, sound, sensors, buttons, thresholds, motors and more — that snap together via tiny magnets in order to make larger circuits. There is no programming, wiring or soldering. These simple, intuitive blocks promote limitless experimentation,Continue reading “Learn about Electronics with little Bits”

Teach Your Kids Electronics: LittleBits Legos for the iPad Generation…

Imagine a set of electronics that is as easy to play with as Lego. Introducing littleBits… a set of simple, interchangeable blocks that make programming as simple and important a part of creativity as snapping blocks together. Welcome to the new Legos for the iPad generation… This is a toy that screams out to me notContinue reading “Teach Your Kids Electronics: LittleBits Legos for the iPad Generation…”

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