Quantum Speed Reading, Wave Reading, Hado Reading

Quantum Speed Reading is a right brain function that was first discovered by Yumiko Tobitani – a Shichida teacher in Japan. Quantum Speed Reading has also been referred to as “wave reading” or “hado reading”. Individuals with the ability to Quantum Speed Read are able to rapidly absorb information from any book. The ability can be activated by developingContinue reading “Quantum Speed Reading, Wave Reading, Hado Reading”

Heguru Right Brain and Left Brain Education

If you have heard about Right Brain Education, chances are, the name you will be most familiar with is Makoto Shichida – one of the pioneers in this field. However, there is another lady that you should know about – Heguru founder, Ruiko Henmi. She has had many years of first hand experience helping children to develop their right brainContinue reading “Heguru Right Brain and Left Brain Education”

Implementing Right Brain Education in the Home

See Part 1: About Right Brain Education (to learn more about Right Brain Education – see the Right Brain Education Book List) Practicing Right Brain Education in the Home For parents in parts of the world where Right Brain Education isn’t available, or if you would like to further enhance your child’s right brain development, you canContinue reading “Implementing Right Brain Education in the Home”

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