A Tribute to an Unborn Child

On the evening of Thursday 30 December 2010, I had a miscarriage.  My baby was almost 10 weeks old.  After some period-like cramps and then uncontrollable bleeding, I rushed to hospital where I was informed I had had an incomplete miscarriage. My doctor performed a D&C to clean out my womb. I had initially decidedContinue reading “A Tribute to an Unborn Child”

Child Development: Talking about the Birds and the Bees

It recently occurred to me that I’m still referring to Gavin as a toddler when, in fact, he is no longer one.  He has had his third birthday and is now in his fourth year of life.  Based on the age classification, he is no longer a toddler.  How time flies.  It also reminded meContinue reading “Child Development: Talking about the Birds and the Bees”

The So-Called H1N1 Screening Test and Vaccine

Over the past week, Gavin’s school has been closed due to a report of H1N1 from one of the other parents.  Since Gavin had been sick recently, I immediately took him to the doctor to take the H1N1 test.  Well, it isn’t really an H1N1 test since all it does is confirm whether you haveContinue reading “The So-Called H1N1 Screening Test and Vaccine”

How Do You Feed Medicine to a Toddler?

I was down with mastitis again over the last couple of days.  Is it me or was it a particularly nasty bout this time?  Ordinarily, I would have been on the road to recovery after a day or two.  This time, I started to feel crook on Thursday and was still feeling rather delicate onContinue reading “How Do You Feed Medicine to a Toddler?”

A Lesson on Toddlers and the Cough Reflex

Some time back, when Gavin was sick, he had a coughing bout while Daddy was taking him out of the shower.  Since the cough sounded very “phlegmy”, Daddy suggested he spit out the phlegm.  Although most of us would rather spit out the phlegm rather than swallow it, I’m sure any experienced parent would knowContinue reading “A Lesson on Toddlers and the Cough Reflex”

Mastitis and Medications while Breastfeeding

I came down with a bout of mastitis a couple of days back.  At least, I think it was mastitis.  The symptoms weren’t quite as clear cut as I remembered.  I’ve always thought it had to occur in both breasts for it to be mastitis.  In this case, I felt the pain on the rightContinue reading “Mastitis and Medications while Breastfeeding”

Babies: Strabismus, Cross-eyes – When is it a Problem?

Lately I have been noticing that Gareth seems to have cross-eyes (strabismus) quite often.  Sometimes both eyeballs will wonder on their own as if they are each looking at different things.  Although Gavin, too, had cross-eyes when he was a baby, I don’t recall it ever being that bad and I certainly don’t remember bothContinue reading “Babies: Strabismus, Cross-eyes – When is it a Problem?”

Post-Partum: 6 Week Follow Up and Separated Muscles

I had my six week post-partum follow up with Dr Wong last week.  Everything checked out okay.  My uterus is back to its original size and position – damn, so my excess belly has nothing to do with the uterus and is just excess flab left over from the pregnancy?  Perhaps I should have goneContinue reading “Post-Partum: 6 Week Follow Up and Separated Muscles”

Mysterious Ailments from Toddler Male Parts

The thing about having sons is that eventually – invariably – you will come across those “boy” problems and you won’t know how to deal with it.  We’re not talking “boy” problems that the average teenage girl has.  We’re talking about problems involving those male parts that we don’t have.  I think it’s kind ofContinue reading “Mysterious Ailments from Toddler Male Parts”

Post-Delivery Bowel Function

One of my biggest fears immediately after delivery is going to the toilet.  Between the piles from hell and my stitches, I couldn’t bring myself to poop until the doctor gave me something to soften my stools.  Technically, if you aren’t constipated, you should be able to apply enough force to poop without tearing yourContinue reading “Post-Delivery Bowel Function”

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