Are You Sure My Child has ADHD?

ADHD is on the rise. Nearly one in five high school age boys in the United States and 11 percent of school-age children over all have received a medical diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, according to new data from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 6.4 million children ages 4 through 17Continue reading “Are You Sure My Child has ADHD?”

April is Autism Awareness Month – Let’s Light it Up Blue!

April is Autism Awareness Month so let’s take a moment to Light it Up Blue… More on Autism Awareness Month Don’t miss these free apps for Autism Awareness Month (limited time only) Splash Math is going blue for Autism Month – each time you make a purchase on during 2-9 April 2014, they will donate 50% ofContinue reading “April is Autism Awareness Month – Let’s Light it Up Blue!”

Would You Rather Have an Autistic Child or a Dead Child?

Yes, I know, it’s a little OTT, but that is essentially what it all boils down to, doesn’t it? Autism or Death? Vaccines prevent diseases that can kill. These diseases are deadly. If they don’t kill you, they can certainly cause a lot of suffering – for your child and for you as the parentContinue reading “Would You Rather Have an Autistic Child or a Dead Child?”

Health and Medical: Why is My Child Getting Sick so Often?

Aristotle is sick… again. Last week it was Hercules. Two weeks before that Hercules. And before him Aristotle. It seems like a never-ending cycle of illnesses. We’ve collected so much medication from the doctor’s office that our refrigerator is about to explode. It probably doesn’t help that the air pollution is up again. Despite allContinue reading “Health and Medical: Why is My Child Getting Sick so Often?”

Accidents, Emergencies and a Swallowed Coin

Two evenings ago, Hercules swallowed a coin. In spite of all our best intentions to make sure there are no hazards for our children around the house, the older they grow, the more resourceful they become, and the harder it is to keep the house “safe”. Of course, having a child like Hercules also increases theContinue reading “Accidents, Emergencies and a Swallowed Coin”

Children’s Eye Care: Testing for Hyperopia

When Aristotle was 3 years old, we had him tested for Amblyopia (better known as “lazy eye”). So now that Hercules is 3 years old, we figured it was time for him to get an eye check up as well. Since hubby has Hyperopia (better known as “long sightedness”) and Amblyopia, and I have Myopia (“shortContinue reading “Children’s Eye Care: Testing for Hyperopia”

Kids Health: A Little Bit of Fever is Not a Bad Thing

I had to write this one because it seems to me that there is a general misconception that all fevers, especially in children, are bad and we must treat every rise in body temperature immediately with paracetamol or our children will suffer from irreparable brain damage. So let’s just set the record straight… (by theContinue reading “Kids Health: A Little Bit of Fever is Not a Bad Thing”

Childhood Illnesses: On Strep Throat and Vomiting

Gareth is sick… again – which is why I haven’t been blogging. I have spent the last few nights as a human pacifier and lovey. The moment I move away from him, he would wake up. During the daytime, we’re a pair of Siamese twins, and I get the privilege of watching marathon re-runs ofContinue reading “Childhood Illnesses: On Strep Throat and Vomiting”

Child Illnesses: On Bronchitis and Fever

Gareth is sick. He came down with a fever on Thursday and had a horrible barking cough during the night. I took him to see the doctor on Friday and her diagnosis was bronchitis. Now he’s on antibiotics, mucosil, zyrtec, probiotics, and paracetamol. Probiotics is to replace the good bacteria that is affected by theContinue reading “Child Illnesses: On Bronchitis and Fever”

Children’s Eye Care: Testing for Amblyopia

Since Gavin was little, we have been concerned about the possibility of him developing lazy eye. It was a cause for concern because both his uncle and father have lazy eye. Hubby’s lazy eye was detected late and as a result it was not corrected. The information back then was that lazy eye had toContinue reading “Children’s Eye Care: Testing for Amblyopia”

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