Books for Children: Basher Books on Science, Math, Music and English

When it come to selecting books for the boys, I prefer books that are not only fun to read but educational as well. Here’s a series of books that breathes life into Science, Math, Music and English. They are intended for age 8 and up (10 and up for the science and math books), however,Continue reading “Books for Children: Basher Books on Science, Math, Music and English”

Learning Math Using the Anzan/Soroban Method

I have always regretted not starting Doman’s Red Dot Program early enough with Aristotle. By the time I learned about it, he was too opinionated about what he wanted to learn about and Math was not it. Thankfully, I started Hercules on Little Math early and now he loves numbers and Math. To help AristotleContinue reading “Learning Math Using the Anzan/Soroban Method”

Math Secret: Teach Your Child to do Math Faster than a Calculator

When I was in high school, I could remember all the telephone numbers of my friends and close relatives by heart. Ever since the mobile phone entered my life, I can only remember my husband’s mobile phone number, the house number, my parent’s number and my grandparents’ number. When I was in University, when itContinue reading “Math Secret: Teach Your Child to do Math Faster than a Calculator”

New Discoveries In Super Fast Mental Math Revealed — The Vedic Math Secrets

Are you able to multiply 996×994 in less than 5 seconds in your head, without using the calculator? A new branch of mental math has recently been revealed — Vedic Mathematics. Many of you may have not heard of it, but it has the potential to revolutionize mental arithmetic and how we view mental math.Continue reading “New Discoveries In Super Fast Mental Math Revealed — The Vedic Math Secrets”

Vintage Chinese Wooden Bead Arithmetic Abacus W. Instruction

This vintage style abacus comes with a beautiful leather surface wooden case in ancient Chinese beau “Size: L14″” x W6.5 x H2″”” The abacus was a calculator invented sometime between 1000 BC and 500 BC in China, often constructed as a wooden frame with beads sliding on wires. It was in use centuries before theContinue reading “Vintage Chinese Wooden Bead Arithmetic Abacus W. Instruction”

Leapfrog DVDs Teach Math, Reading and Phonics

I have heard about Leapfrog DVDs for some time but never really took a look at them until I stumbled across one at a DVD shop. After reading so many positive reviews about them on parenting forums, I decided to give it a go. I bought Numbers Ahoy thinking it would make Math more funContinue reading “Leapfrog DVDs Teach Math, Reading and Phonics”

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